Hello and welcome to the live blog of the Eredivisie.

My name is Menno Waebeke and I will keep you informed about today's five matches.

Have fun!

  • Ninth round 

  • Results:

  • Feyenoord-RKC Waalwijk


  • LIVE:

  • sc Heerenveen-Ajax


  • Go Ahead Eagles-Heracles Almelo


  • Program:

  • 9 pm: PSV-PEC Zwolle 

  • 9 pm: Fortuna Sittard-SC Cambuur

Heerenveen-Ajax 3 minutes ago

First half stats: 

  • sc Heerenveen-Ajax

  • Position: 0-1

  • Shots: 5-7

  • Shots on target: 3-1

  • Possession: 32 percent-68 percent

3 minutes ago

Go Ahead - Heracles 5 minutes ago

First half stats: 

  • Go Ahead Eagles Heracles Almelo

  • Position: 1-1 

  • Shots: 7-10

  • Shots on target: 2-3

  • Possession: 49 percent-51 percent

Go Ahead-Heracles 8 minutes ago


Halfway through it is 1-1 in Deventer.

The home team took the lead thanks to a nice header by Brouwers.

Shortly before half time, Go Ahead goalkeeper Warner Hahn makes a huge mistake;

he unluckily shoots the ball into the feet of Vloet, who scores the equalizer.

Heerenveen-Ajax 10 minutes ago


Ajax has the match under control and that resulted in the 0-1 of Sébastien Haller in the 24th minute.

sc Heerenveen came out dangerous a number of times, but always lacked the right final pass.

Go Ahead - Heracles 12 minutes ago

44' GOAL Heracles!


What a


by Warner Hahn!

The goalkeeper of Go Ahead Eagles just hands in the ball to Rai Vloet, who doesn't think twice and shoots the ball cleverly into the empty goal.

It's right again in Deventer!

Heerenveen-Ajax 17 minutes ago

38' Exciting moments in the Abe Lenstra Stadium!

First Pasveer cleverly prevents Musaba's equalizer.

In the counter-punch Mous comes a bit far from his goal, but it ends miraculously well for the Frisians.

17 minutes ago

Heerenveen-Ajax 20 minutes ago

Ajax celebrates after Sébastien Haller's opening goal.

The Ivorian has already scored six league goals this season.

Go Ahead - Heracles 24 minutes ago

31' Good save from Hahn!

The goalkeeper of Go Ahead has to intervene on a hard shot from Vloet.

Go Ahead-Heracles 27 minutes ago

29' GOAL Go Ahead Eagles!


Rommens cuts a corner perfectly to Brouwers' head.

The midfielder then heads the ball hard against the net via a Heracles defender.

The home team leads against Heracles!

Heerenveen-Ajax 28 minutes ago

28 'Another quick counter from Heerenveen, but again it is not played out well.

Halilovic finally decides to shoot, but his bet goes straight into Pasveer's hands.

Heerenveen-Ajax 30 minutes ago

25 'There is almost Heerenveen's quick answer.

Kaib decides to take it out and Pasveer has a hard time with that.

The Ajax goalkeeper just manages to tap the shot out of his goal.

30 minutes ago

Heerenveen-Ajax 33 minutes ago

23' GOAL Ajax!

0-1 Then

there is Ajax's opening goal.

Blind gives a perfect through ball to Tadic, who then easily puts wide on Haller.

The Ivorian pushes the 0-1 against the ropes.

Go Ahead-Heracles 39 minutes ago

16 'In a nice opening phase, Heracles is closest to the opening goal.

Burgzorg takes a hidden shot, but shoots the ball just wide via Oratmangoen.

In the ensuing corner, Schoofs heads just over.

Heerenveen-Ajax 41 minutes ago

15 'Possibility for Kudus, who takes on the one-two with Tadic, but shoots the ball through Haller's heel next to Xavier Mous' goal.

Heerenveen-Ajax 1 hour ago

11 'Ajax is dominant on the ball, but Heerenveen has the organization in good order.

Real big opportunities are therefore not yet available for the team from Amsterdam.

Heerenveen-Ajax 1 hour ago

3 'The first chance is for Ajax!

Tadic cleverly takes a corner low over the ground, but Berghuis aims wide.

an hour ago

Eredivisie 1 hour ago

Kick off! 

The ball rolls in Heerenveen and Deventer!

Go Ahead-Heracles 1 hour ago


In the home team, Iñigo Córdoba is the big man.

The Spanish attacker has already scored three times in five games.

Córdoba also starts from kick-off today.

At Heracles Almelo, Kaj Sierhuis once again keeps Sinan Bakis on the bench.

The striker scored on his debut, but has since been waiting for his second goal. 

Lineup Go Ahead Eagles:


Lucassen, Idzes, Kramer, Kuipers;

Rommens, Brewers;

Cordoba, Botos, Orat mangoen;


Starting line-

up: Heracles Almelo:


Fadiga, Interest, Knoester, Quagliata;

Schoofs, Kiomourtzoglou;

Basacikoglu, Vloet, Burgzorg;

ornamental house.

Heerenveen-Ajax 1 hour ago


A basic place for Davy Klaassen and Steven Berghuis at Ajax against sc Heerenveen.

Antony and Álvarez are missing, the Ajax players only return today from international obligations with Brazil and Mexico.

Nick Bakker makes his debut at Heerenveen.

The central defender came over from FC Emmen this summer. 

Line-up sc Heerenveen: 


Van Ewijk, Van Beek, Bakker, Kaib;

Madsen, Halilovic, J. Veerman;

Musaba, H. Veerman, Van der Heide

Ajax setup: 


Mazraoui, Schuurs, Timber, Blind;

Klaassen, Kudus, Gravenberch;

Berghuis, Haller, Tadic.

Feyenoord-RKC 1 hour ago


Feyenoord loses very expensive points against RKC.

The team from Rotterdam took a 1-0 lead via Toornstra, but still trailed 1-2 in the first half due to goals from Odgaard and Anita.

Early in the second half it seemed to be going well for Feyenoord when Til equalized, but the home team didn't get any further despite a few good chances.

Feyenoord-RKC 1 hour ago

98 'There was almost the goal for Feyenoord!

Bijlow goes along with a corner kick, the ball ends up at Geertruida via the Feyenoord goalkeeper, but the ball miraculously does not go in.

an hour ago

Feyenoord-RKC 1 hour ago

94 'RKC makes another change to take the pace out of the game.

Anita leaves the field and is replaced by Mulder.

Feyenoord-RKC 1 hour ago

91 'When the seven minutes of extra time have started, Jahanbakhsh gets the ball perfectly from Pedersen.

However, the attacker does not get the ball well on his head and heads wide.

Feyenoord-RKC 1 hour ago

86 'What an opportunity for Cyriel Dessers!

The striker pops up right in front of Vaessen, but shoots the ball wildly over the goal.

Feyenoord-RKC 2 hours ago

83 'Feyenoord has just over ten minutes to avert another loss of points.

The team from Rotterdam started the second half well, but have not been dangerous for a while now.

Feyenoord-RKC 2 hours ago

79 'RKC will also change again.

Luuk Wouters is relieved by Thierry Lutonda.

Feyenoord-RKC 2 hours ago

76 'Even more worries for Feyenoord.

Guus Til has to leave the field injured, the goalscorer is replaced by Aursnes.

Feyenoord-RKC 2 hours ago

75 'Vaessen kicks a bit unluckily and the ball falls at the feet of Orkun Kökcu.

The midfielder tries from about forty meters, but the ball falls on the roof of the goal.

Feyenoord-RKC 2 hours ago

The love between fellow strikers Michiel Kramer and Cyriel Dessers is fine.

Thanks to Michiel Kramer, Cyriel Dessers' worries have disappeared


Author ESPN NLMoment of places15: 52 - October 16, 2021

Feyenoord-RKC 2 hours ago

71 'The next opportunity is also for Feyenoord.

Jahanbakhsh finds some space and hits hard, but no problem for Vaessen.

Feyenoord-RKC 2 hours ago

68 'The time stalling of RKC has started, now it is Kramer who sits down on the floor.

Slot uses the situation to switch again.

Geertruida comes for Senesi.

At RKC even a triple substitution.

El Bouchataoui, Bakari and Kramer move to the side.

Before them come Azhil, Daneels and Stokkers.

Feyenoord-RKC 2 hours ago

65 'There was almost Nelson's goal!

The Englishman gets the ball from Til and shoots into the short corner.

Vaessen saves well with his feet.

Feyenoord-RKC 2 hours ago

63' Pole!

Reiss Nelson manages to reach Jahanbakhsh well, but the Iranian shoots the ball against the post via Vaessen's fingertips.

Feyenoord is now pressing RKC again.

Feyenoord-RKC 2 hours ago

62 'RKC is getting away with it!

Senesi puts Dessers away perfectly, but the striker is well forced to the side by Vaessen.

The Belgian's cross does not find a teammate.

Feyenoord-RKC 2 hours ago

60 'There is the official debut of Reiss Nelson!

The Arsenal mercenary replaces Bryan Linssen, who seemed to be suffering from his hip.

Feyenoord-RKC 2 hours ago

Guus Til and Marcos Senesi celebrate the 2-2.

The Feyenoord midfielder strengthens his place at the top of the top scorers list.

Til has already scored seven league goals.

Feyenoord-RKC 2 hours ago

54' Huge opportunity for Michiel Kramer!

The striker only goes to Justin Bijlow, but the Feyenoord goalkeeper comes out the winner.

It seemed well offside, but the flag stayed down.

Feyenoord-RKC 2 hours ago

47' GOAL Feyenoord!


A fantastic start for Feyenoord!

Linssen serves Senesi with a long throw-in, who serves Guus Til with his characteristic overhead kick.

The top scorer of the Eredivisie scores his seventh goal of the season.

Feyenoord-RKC 2 hours ago

46 'The ball rolls again in Rotterdam.

Can Feyenoord turn a backlog, just like against NEC?

Feyenoord-RKC 2 hours ago

First half stats: 

  • Feyenoord-RKC

  • Position: 1-2

  • Shots: 8-3

  • Shots on target: 2-2

  • Possession: 54 percent-46 percent

Feyenoord-RKC 2 hours ago


Feyenoord started the game well and took the lead via Jens Toornstra.

After that, the Rotterdam team started to play more and more sloppily, which led to the equalizer of Jens Odgaard.

In the final phase of the first half, things got even worse for Feyenoord when Vurnon Anita surprisingly headed the Waalwijkers ahead.

Feyenoord-RKC 2 hours ago



Feyenoord gets the lid on the nose in the final phase of the first half.

Gaari gives the lead to Odgaard who heads the ball back to Anita.

The midfielder can then easily head in the 1-2.

Feyenoord-RKC 2 hours ago

42 'Feyenoord seems a bit upset after Odgaard's 1-1.

The Rotterdammers are unable to put pressure on the visitors and the game is very sloppy.

Feyenoord-RKC 3 hours ago



Trauner just hands in the ball to Bakari, who plays Jens Odgaard.

The Danish striker then dribbles very easily past Senesi and Pedersen and shoots the equalizer behind Justin Bijlow.

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