• Author of a goal and an assist, Kylian Mbappé once again pulled PSG from a badly embarked situation.

  • It was the first time he found the Park after his media release which caused a lot of talk.

  • Ovated by his exit, the French seemed touched by the welcome he received from the supporters on Friday.

At the Parc des Princes,

After the defeat in Rennes and the vast communication operation of Kylian Mbappé to say what he had on his heart after his abortive transfer to Madrid, hair straight before going to the selection, far from the Parisian supporters, we were curious to see what welcome the Parc des Princes would reserve him on his return during the match against Angers. On arrival, no bronca or animosity but a clean, clear and flawless ovation when he left the field in the 88th minute.

The boy even seemed to want to take advantage of the moment, taking all his time, applauding the public of the Park in 360 ° before raising his thumbs in the air, as if to signify that he appreciated the attitude of the supporters to his respect.

It must be said that he did not really leave them the choice since it was he and he alone who once again brought PSG out of the quagmire in which he had entered headlong.

The PSG game project?

Kylian Mbappéééééééééé

Apathetic for more than an hour, this Paris Saint-Germain bis, deprived of its farandole of South Americans but also of Achraf Hakimi and Idrissa Gueye (left on the bench in anticipation of the match against Leipzig on Tuesday), has a again disappointed in the game. Without ideas, without movements, the Red and Blue were logically punished at the end of the first period after a (nice) Angevin goal signed Fulgini, upon receiving a cake at the far post of Boufal. If he was not flawless from start to finish, with some passing technical inaccuracies and a tendency sometimes to want to do too much (19 balls lost in the first period), Mbappé has nevertheless not spared his efforts for a left flank that we would like never to see him leave as it is there that he shines the most.

As against Lyon a few weeks earlier, the Parisian number 7 shook his team by depositing, from the right side, a caress on the head of Danilo Pereira for the goal of 1-1, before offering the victory to his team. a penalty shot with authority.

Already decisive with the France team a few days earlier against Belgium (one goal, one pass) and Spain (victory goal), Bondy's beep-beep once again saved his team's buttocks, and that of his coach by the way, whose game plan we stopped for a while now. Indeed, as after every average match of his team, the Argentinian coach brought out his panpipe, going as far as to argue that his team "dominated" the game.

We should not be in the same stadium as him on Friday ...

Pochettino "full of praise" about Mbappé

“Following Angers' goal in the first half, we had to run after the score, which means that the feeling may seem different, he admitted all the same. But, in general, we always controlled the game. This victory also shows the strength of the collective. There have been a lot of changes since the last game. I am very happy to have taken the three points this evening, at the end of a difficult match, against a great team, with a view to the next rounds ”. Regarding his 200-plate jewel, Pochettino was more stingy with words, explaining that “he is a player who is full of praise. He has enormous qualities, especially that of being decisive when the team needs it. “That is to say almost all the time since the start of the season.

We would have liked to have had the opinion of his teammates, even his own, since Friday was the big comeback of the mixed zones after a year and a half spent without being able to ask the players any questions because of the health rules, but for the occasion PSG played tight-fisted.

Only one player appeared in front of the media after the meeting, Juan Bernat - of which it was also the big comeback after a year and a month without playing - but the Spaniard was only allowed to answer three little questions on his personal case.

We may try our luck again on Tuesday after the Champions League match against Leipzig.

A match where Kyky should probably distinguish himself, he who has never seemed so liberated since the failure of his departure at Real.

Like what, it sometimes feels good to empty your bag in the press.


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