The duo played at home in Brazil in the World Cup qualifier against Uruguay (4-1) on Friday night in Manaus in the Amazon jungle and had in any case not been able to play against Watford at lunchtime in the Premier League on Saturday.

The time between the matches is too short, both in terms of logistics in connection with air travel and recovery.

However, goalkeeper Becker and midfielder Fabinho could not play anyway due to quarantine rules.

They played on October 10 away against Colombia, which is a red-listed country and requires a ten-day quarantine when returning to the UK.

However, they can play in the Champions League in Madrid against Atletico on Tuesday, which is October 19, when nine days of the British quarantine period have passed.

Free to return 00.01 on Thursday

However, the brass can not return with the team back to Liverpool immediately after the match, as it would then wait ten days in quarantine, but will leave the Spanish capital on Thursday.

- One minute after midnight towards Thursday, ten days have passed and they can return and come home, says Klopp.

- This is what the rules look like and we can not do anything about it.

We would need better regulations, says Klopp, who is also annoyed that Atletico have a game break this weekend.

- Something similar could never happen in England and if it did against all odds, the talk would be: "But my God, how can it do that for them?"

and so on, says Klopp.

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Raphinha and Neymar celebrate.

Photo: TT News Agency

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