If you watch Merle Frohms, you get the impression that the Eintracht goalkeeper only needs one of her hands to work.

Left or right?

It doesn't matter.

It was last seen in the Bundesliga game between Eintracht and Essen.

It was 2-0 in the end for the Frankfurt women.

The fact that they played to zero was not due to an opponent with no chance, on the contrary.

Kim Maurus


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But Frohms was there in every situation that was dangerous for unity. Whether in the 28th minute with the right hand or in the 41st and 62nd minute with the left hand. It's not uncommon for goalkeepers to still manage to touch the ball with their fingertips. But that they succeed in the parade every time. This is one of the reasons why the TV commentator never tired of repeating in the game against Essen: "You can see why Merle Frohms is number one in Germany."

The quality of the 26-year-old national goalkeeper will be in demand when the Eintracht women meet FC Bayern Munich this Sunday (4 p.m. at MagentaSport) in the Brentanobad stadium. Five games, twelve points: Eintracht's start into the Bundesliga season was not bad. But Bayern are leaders with 15 points, have scored by far the most goals (24) and only conceded one goal. “Of course that's impressive,” says Frohms. "They are very well-rehearsed, there is a lot of plan behind them."

The goalkeeper does not believe that the Frankfurt women have no chance against this team.

"I think we have to focus on a stable defensive first and just allow as little as possible at the back," she says.

"And hope that Bavaria will get impatient and then create a moment of surprise."

"Became much more experienced"

Simply allowing as little as possible at the back, Frohms will also play a decisive role - whether with one hand or other lightning-fast reactions.

What looks like a reflex with the goalkeeper is the result of numerous repetitions in training.

“Of course, this is no coincidence.

But I and my goalkeeping coach are all the more pleased when we can see in retrospect that the positional play was just right, ”says Frohms.

The goalkeeper, who has been playing for Eintracht for a little over a year, also sees her performance as a consequence of the past few months: “I have become much more experienced and it is becoming more and more natural that I have my good actions in goal and appear confident. "

She doesn't have a great role model to improve: "I tend to pick peculiarities from other goalkeepers that I want to learn from."

“His appearance goes against all the clichés that a goalkeeper has to be loud and crazy.” Bayern goalkeeper Manuel Neuer likes to watch them in a one-on-one game and tries to imitate his techniques.

Against the Munich women, these details can be decisive. According to Frohms, a lot also depends on the attitude with which the team goes on the field. The fact that their male colleagues at Eintracht recently created a surprise when they defeated FC Bayern 2-1 also came in handy for the women. “This achievement is simply a good and timely sign that motivates us,” says Frohms.

Against the Munich women's team, the young team could play quite carefree.

“That might be good for us,” she says.

“To just approach it according to the motto: We have nothing to lose.” With a look at the table one can argue: A defeat would still be a loss, after all, the goal of the season is to qualify for the Champions League.

If you watch Merle Frohms, you don't get the impression that the Frankfurt women will make it all too easy for Bayern.

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