The Swedish floorball masters show great form ahead of the World Cup in Helsinki in December.

The EFT tournament in Pilzen began with a rival meeting with Finland and it was Sweden who took the lead through the star Alexander Galante Carlström.

Finland equalized, but then Kim Nilsson stepped forward.

He made both 2-1 and 3-1 and then the Finns never caught up.

The Kalmarsund star also put 5-2 and thus completed his hat trick.

The match ended 7-3 to Sweden.

Tomorrow you meet the home nation Czech Republic and on Sunday it is Switzerland.

"I was a little nervous"

In Tampere, the ladies won their EFT premiere against Switzerland by a full 10-2.

Debutant Maja Wiström scored her first two points in the senior national team.

- I was a little nervous before but it released quite quickly.

Of course, it's great fun to score points.

I also play with fantastic players around me so it is easy to score points, she says to the association's website.

The ladies meet Finland on Sunday and before that the Czech Republic is waiting.

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Swedish big win against Switzerland

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