The second round of the "Japan Open", which decides the number one golfer in Japan, was held in Shiga Prefecture, and 35-year-old Yuta Ikeda, who is aiming for the third victory, increased the score by five and lined up with Shaun Norris with a total of 11 under. I took the lead.

The second round of the Japan Open was held in Ritto City, Shiga Prefecture, and Ikeda, who is aiming for the third victory for the first time in four years, started in 3rd place with 6 unders.

Ikeda's putt is strong, and if he gets four birdies in the first half, he gets a birdie in the sixth with a pin set in a difficult position in the second half. With 11 unders, he took the lead alongside South African player Shaun Norris.

Hiroshi Iwata, Jinichiro Kozuma, and Satoshi Kodaira, who won the 2015 tournament, came in third with a one-stroke difference.

Yuki Inamori, who is aiming for the third victory for the second consecutive year, finished 7th with a total of 8 under, and Rikuya Hoshino, the representative of the Tokyo Olympics, finished 17th with a total of 5 under.

Keita Nakajima, a third-year college student who ranked first in the world amateur ranking, suffered from a difficult setting, dropped two birdies, three bogies and one score, and passed the qualifying in 60th place in the even par in total.

Both Okawa Sugihara and Riki Kawamoto, who won the best amateur "low amateur" in last year's tournament, failed in the qualifying.

Yuta Ikeda "I want to win in front of a lot of people"

Yuta Ikeda, who took the lead with a total of 11 under, recalled the round, saying, "I couldn't keep the tee shot on the fairway, but as a result I was able to play good golf."

For the final round from the 16th, "I felt that this was the original tournament with a lot of spectators. Our job is to show the play and want to win in front of a lot of people. Is strong, "he said with enthusiasm.

Yuki Inamori "Continuing to grow even in the final round"

Yuki Inamori, who finished in 7th place with a total of 8 unders, said, "The condition of the shot was not so different from yesterday, but the putt was decided overall. I want to take as many birdies as possible so that I won't be able to go, and keep up the fight for the top ranks. "

Keita Nakajima "Play without regrets for the remaining two days"

Keita Nakajima, who passed the qualifying in 60th place in the even par, said, "It was difficult to recover after hitting the bogey at No. 6, and it was a waste to make the flow worse. I think it was also a lack of ability." I looked back with that look.

He added, "I felt that a major tournament wouldn't work if I didn't have all the mental and physical skills. I want to play without regrets for the remaining two days."

16-year-old Masato Sumiuchi is the youngest hole-in-one domestic tour ever

In the second round, a 16-year-old high school student, Masato Sumiuchi, achieved a hole-in-one in the second par 3.

According to the Japan Golf Tour Organization, a hole-in-one at 16 years and 11 months is the youngest record in the history of domestic tours.

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