[Beijing Winter Olympics] Capital Gymnasium welcomes international figure skating competitions and foreign players like "Double Olympic Stadium"

  [Explanation] On October 14, the "Meet in Beijing" 2021/2022 Asian Figure Skating Open kicked off at the Capital Gymnasium. This was also the first international event held after the Capital Gymnasium was renovated.

  As for the competition environment of the Capital Gymnasium, athletes from many countries gave positive comments. South Korean player Lee Si-hyung even reached out for the Capital Gymnasium after the game.

  [Concurrent] Lee Si-hyung, a Korean figure skater

  It is very good here, just as it is the venue of the Winter Olympics, it is like a big stage, where you can concentrate well, you can train well, and it is a very good venue.

  [Concurrent] Swiss figure skater Lucas

  The ice rink here is very beautiful, the blue seats are also beautiful, and everything looks new.

I heard that this is an old ice rink, but this time everything has been completely renewed, with a new locker room and a new roof. It is really a beautiful ice rink.

I am very happy to be able to skate here at the current and upcoming Winter Olympics. Thank you very much for your contribution to the ice rink and related facilities.

  [Commentary] It is reported that compared with the domestic testing activities in April, the competition specifications and the level of the contestants are higher.

Ding Dong, director of the stadium group operation team of the Capital Gymnasium, introduced that this event also fully embodies the international elements.

  [Concurrent] Ding Dong, Director of the Capital Gymnasium Group Operation Team

  We are hosting the highest-level Open in Asia and the world's highest-level Short Track Speed ​​Skating World Cup, so the elements of internationalization are fully reflected here.

Figure skating is in 9 countries and regions, and short-track speed skating is in 37 countries and regions. There are many foreigners in competition organization officials, technical teams and sports exhibition teams.

  [Explanation] The Capital Gymnasium has a 53-year history. In 2008, it hosted the Beijing Olympic volleyball competition.

In this upgrade, the stadium retains its original appearance in appearance, but the interior has undergone tremendous changes.

Through the comprehensive upgrade of the sound and light part of the Capital Gymnasium, the "most beautiful ice" in the Winter Olympics will be created.

  [Concurrent] Ding Dong, Director of the Capital Gymnasium Group Operation Team

  We have a sky screen projection. We have added a ring screen and two end screens. Then the sky screen plus the ring screen and the end screen make our entire video display system richer and more three-dimensional.

(Venue) The latest carbon dioxide direct cooling system is used to make ice, so that energy saving is reflected in the "green Olympics".

  [Explanation] On the same day, there were competitions on ice dance rhythm dance, women's singles, pair skating, and men's singles short programs. Famous figure skating players such as Sui Wenjing and Han Cong appeared on the field.

  Reporter Xu Pengpeng reports from Beijing

Editor in charge: [Sun Jingbo]

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