It was at the end of the first period in the meeting between Djurgården and Luleå that the home team's Peter Holland received a match penalty after throwing the gloves in a fight with Luleå's Fredrik Styrman.

SHL's disciplinary committee has now reported Holland, which risks a long suspension.

"There is one second left of the first period and the goalkeeper blocks the puck in Luleå's defensive zone.

Luleå player no. 2 Fredrik Styrman hands out a crosschecking in the side of Djurgård player no. 67 Peter Holland who throws off both his gloves.

Holland pulls off Styrman's helmet and deals a blow to the head and then changes hands and strikes a hard blow straight in the face at Styrman.

Holland hits Styrman on the head when Styrman is on his way down to the ice and when Styrman is on the ice, Holland deals another blow. ", The disciplinary committee writes in its report.

The helmsman was taken to hospital

The helmsman, who was sent off for two minutes, was taken to hospital.

- He got two real slaps on the head.

I can not make a doctor's statement but he is in hospital now.

He does not feel well.

It's not nice.

I have seen the situation and it is not okay anywhere, Luleå's assistant coach Henrik Stridh told Expressen yesterday.

Djurgården lost the match 4-6 and now has seven straight losses and is last in the SHL.

CLIP: Here he throws the gloves - Luleå player to hospital

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First mate to hospital after fight Photo: Bildbyrån

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