On the 14th, professional baseball giants conducted the first demonstration experiment in professional baseball for people who had been vaccinated twice with the new coronavirus vaccine, in addition to the maximum number of spectators.

For the three games that the giant will play at Tokyo Dome from the 14th, those who have been vaccinated twice for two weeks and those who have been negative for PCR tests from three days before the game to the day of the game In addition to the 10,000 spectators who are judged to be negative, we have decided to conduct a demonstration experiment for the first time in professional baseball, in which about 30 people will watch the game.

On the 14th, 17 people participated in the demonstration experiment, and at the dedicated entrance, the person in charge was checking the documents certifying that the vaccine was given twice, and those who had not been vaccinated had an antigen test. I was receiving it.

And I was watching the game in the dedicated seat provided on the light stand.

A 50-year-old man in Tokyo who participated said, "I thought it would be great if the major leagues were also exciting and professional baseball was also exciting. I want to sing cheering songs together next season."

The team will explore issues for the future from the data obtained in the three games.

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