China News Service, Beijing, October 14th. In the early morning of the 14th Beijing time, Tottenham beat Charlton 1-0 in the first round of the English Women’s League Cup group stage. The only goal in the game helped Tottenham's women's football team win a small victory over their opponents.

This is also Tang Jiali's first official goal after studying abroad.

Image source; Tottenham official blog.

  In July this year, Chinese player Tang Jiali officially joined the Premier League Tottenham women's football team.

In the previous first round of the Premier League, Tang Jiali came on the bench wearing the No. 9 jersey and completed the debut of the Tottenham women's football match.

Now, more than a month later, she scored her first Premier League goal.

  Tang Jiali is not the only female football player playing overseas. Previously, the Portuguese Sports Football Club announced through official channels that the 19-year-old Chinese female player and former Jiangsu female footballer Shen Monroe officially joined the club.

  Earlier, Wang Shuang, the leader of the Chinese women's football team, had also joined the Paris Saint-Germain women's football team in Ligue 1 and had an excellent performance on the field.

  According to media reports, the Chinese Football Association has launched a "plan to stay abroad" to fully promote local young players to play overseas. "If the conditions for studying abroad are mature, one will be given away." In the future, more female football players may get opportunities to stay abroad.


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