On the 14th, pitcher Chiichiro Sumita of Nishinippon Institute of Technology, who was nominated by Seibu at the draft meeting of professional baseball, said his enthusiasm, "I want to be a pitcher who carries the Hinomaru on his back and stands on the mound." rice field.

On the 14th, Seibu's General Manager Hisanobu Watanabe visited the campus of Nishinippon Institute of Technology in Kanda Town, Fukuoka Prefecture, and gave a nomination greeting to pitcher Sumita.

Pitcher Sumita is a left-handed pitcher with a fastball of 150km and a variety of changing balls. Won.

At the press conference, pitcher Sumita said, "I want to win 10 games with the goal of throwing in the starting rotation for a year. Eventually, I want to be a pitcher who can carry the Hinomaru on his back and stand on the mound."

General Manager Watanabe said, "Because there is a shortage of left pitchers in the team, I think that there is a high probability that they will enter the starting rotation. I think that it is a material that can be a representative pitcher in Japan," he said from the first year. I was expecting the success of.

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