Masayoshi Manabe, who led the team to the bronze medal as a coach at the 2012 London Olympics, will be appointed as the new coach of the volleyball women's national team.

The Japan Volleyball Association held a board meeting in Tokyo on the afternoon of the 14th to discuss the successors of female director Kumi Nakada and male director Yuichi Nakagaichi, who retired after the Tokyo Olympics.

As a result, the girls have been the Japan national team coach for seven years from 2009, and Mr. Manabe, who led the team to the bronze medal at the 2012 London Olympics, will be the national team coach again.

Manabe is 58 years old.

After retiring from the national coach in 2016, he was the owner of the V League "Victorina Himeji".

Philippe Blain will be appointed as the men's representative from Japan

In addition, the boy will be appointed as French coach Philippe Blain, who was the coach of the Japanese national team from 2017 to the Tokyo Olympics this year.

Mr. Bran is 61 years old.

In addition to coaching the French national team at the 2004 Athens Olympics, he helped win the 2014 World Championships as a coach for the Polish national team.

The Japanese national team for volleyball will continue to build a team for the Paris Olympics three years from now under the supervision of both men and women who have a proven track record as leaders.

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