Filip Kostic got the corner on the pitch.

After he tried to force his move to Lazio Rome with his training strike at Eintracht at the end of August, he won the hearts of many Frankfurt supporters back by storm with his often convincing performances in recent weeks.

Without the 28-year-old Serbian national player, there would be quite a lull on the offensive: At the moment, the powerful whirlwind on the left wing is directly involved in 63 percent of Eintracht's goals with two goals and three assists after six Bundesliga games.

Jörg Daniels

Editor in the sports department

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In the 2-1 surprise victory in Munich Kostic scored the winning goal and prepared the 1-1 from Martin Hinteregger with a corner.

Another assist will be added in the Europa League.

This makes him the top scorer of Eintracht.

Kostic has pulled himself out of the sidelines and is with an iron will on the course of reparation.

Anyone who feared that he would retreat to the pout after the failed transfer was taught better.

Kostic himself just wants to look ahead.

What was forgotten is what happened, even if it doesn't actually work in his case because the professional footballer had put his personal interests above those of his employer.

He is said to have separated from his advisor in the meantime.

The Serb is apparently looking for a new one.

It is now even said that an early contract extension can no longer be ruled out.

New relationship of trust

That would be a spectacular turnaround in the case of the dynamic winger, who had kept the club in suspense for days with his misconduct and whose contract is currently up to and including June 30, 2023. Oliver Glasner would certainly not have any objection to a continued employment of Kostic. A relationship of trust has developed between the coach and his player in many conversations.

For Glasner, Kostic is not an ice-cold and ripped-off professional who does not care about the general welfare per se.

The coach did not miss how uncomfortable Kostic felt in the days of the alternate theater.

Because it doesn't really suit his personality to provoke and polarize in such a way.

Glasner's impression of Kostic made it easier for the coach to reintegrate his player into the community.

He did not suspend Kostic for the Stuttgart game on September 12, but called him to the squad and replaced him after 59 minutes.

Kostic's goal to make it 1-1 was the first significant sign of reconciliation from the Serb, who had lost a lot of credit at the time.

Kostic had also underlined his great importance in the unfamiliar role of the joker.

As before, there is no way around Kostic at Eintracht. In the previous season, when the Serb scored a total of four goals and 17 assists in 30 Bundesliga games, he was involved in 31 percent of all Frankfurt goals. At that time, attacker André Silva, who moved to Leipzig that summer, set his own club record with 28 goals. Kostic cannot surpass this mark as a winger. He still makes the difference in the ranks of unity.

The association officials are aware of this.

CFO Oliver Frankenbach summed it up last week when he presented the current economic figures: “Selling Filip Kostic for ten million euros five days before the end of the transfer period makes no sense.

Judging by what would be possible, that wouldn't really help us economically, but it would weaken the team so much in terms of sport that the consequences might be much more obvious. ”Frankfurt's dependence on Kostic is great.

Because of this, too, they forgave him for his attachment from the end of August.