, Beijing, October 14th. In recent days, the news that a 67-year-old man in Chengdu has exercised 8 pack abdominal muscles has aroused the attention of netizens.

Image source: "Red Star News" video screenshot.

  According to media reports, this uncle named Xu Zhilin is 67 years old and has been exercising for 24 years.

"Before working out, I used to be an otaku who had a big belly and was trapped by the'three highs'." He said in an interview with the media.

  Now, Uncle Xu can do nearly a hundred push-ups and easy deadlifts with a 160-pound barbell in one go. With such persistent exercise, Uncle Xu's 8-pack abdominal muscles are well-defined.

In appearance, he resembles the "Turtle Immortal" in the comics. Although he is very young, his physical and mental state is comparable to that of the twenty-eight guys.

  Netizens were also shocked by Uncle Xu. Some people say Uncle Xu is the grandfather who is going to play the gourd baby?

Screenshot of Weibo.

  Some netizens have turned on the self-deprecating mode: "I also have an abdominal muscle", "My husband is not as good as my grandfather."

Screenshot of Weibo.

Screenshot of Weibo.

  There are also netizens who think of their relatives, who ran fast with a load of water at the age of 87.

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  Indeed, as the concept of exercise and fitness becomes more and more popular, many elderly people have the habit of physical exercise.

Some of these "hard-core" elderly people can "kill" many young people who don't pay attention to exercise because of their physical fitness.

  Zhang Xida, who lives in Guizhou, is 72 years old this year. In 2014, 65-year-old Zhang Xida was attracted by the charm of pole dancing and became obsessed with pole dancing. He signed up for pole dancing classes and has never stopped since.

  Zhang Xida can easily complete skills such as a horse, flying swallow, bow and arrow that are not simple for young people, and age has not become a resistance to his pursuit of love.

Zhang Xida is practicing pole dancing in a dance studio.

Photo by Qu Honglun

  "Life lies in sports, and I hope to persevere." Zhang Xida said that he didn't like the lifestyle of ordinary elderly people. "Their elderly people play chess in the park. Sometimes you say me, I say you, play chess, you No, I can't, so I don't like it."

  However, it is not necessary to play chess in the park. Aunt Xiao Xuerong from Taiyuan, Shanxi, played a "new trick" in the park.

The 68-year-old Aunt Xiao is good at practicing Tai Chi, yoga, Tibetan dance, roller skating, and cycling.

Her exercises are very difficult, and she can easily master the horizontal splits, vertical splits, and handstands. Her exercises often attract many people.

  Aunt Xiao Xuerong said: "Every day is a regular life. When do I get up, when do I eat, and when I go to the park, they all give me a thumbs up and think I am the best in Xuefu Park. I was not confident, but now I have passed by. Taking exercise, your body is getting better and better, and you can still help others."

Xiao Xuerong is exercising.

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  For some old people, besides their own age, there is also the test of nature.

The Kunyu River at the south gate of the Summer Palace in Beijing has become a winter swimming venue for many elderly people in winter.

There are "Big Brothers" who are in their 90s, as well as many elderly people in their 70s and 80s.

  After the swimmers go ashore, they will usually come to a small open space next to them to get dressed.

In addition to some cars parked here, there is also a small table, sometimes people play cards here and kick shuttlecocks in the open space.

Although the weather is cold, the atmosphere is quite lively.

Winter swimming on the Kunyu River.

Photo by Wang Hao

  Compared to some young people who have to post a few circles of friends once they go to the gym, the old people don't seem to regard winter swimming as a special thing.

They come here to swim, bask in the sun, kick the shuttlecock, and chat with their peers. This is just a way for them to enjoy life.

  Perhaps some young people want to change their views on the elderly. Although they are getting older, their desire to pursue health and the courage to challenge the limit have not diminished in the slightest.

This attitude to life is worth learning for everyone!


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