The legend of Al-Wehdat answers a question that preoccupies all Jordanians: “Whose league?”

The legend of Al-Wehdat club and the owner of the massive Jamahiriya since he was a skillful player in the ranks of the "Green Genie" and the Jordanian national team revealed the identity of the team expected to be crowned the Jordanian professional football league, which was logically limited between the teams of Al-Wehdat and Al-Ramtha, who shared the lead with 40 points, two rounds before the end of the competition.

The competition for the title between the two clubs ignites at a time when the third Al-Salt team (36 points) is waiting for their stumble, while the circumstances of the Jordanian football leader Al-Faisaly seem almost impossible (33 points).

Al-Ramtha, ahead of direct confrontations with Al-Wehdat, awaits two matches against Ma'an and Shabab Al-Urdun, respectively, while Al-Wehdat will face Al-Jazira and Sahab.

In the face of these data, the retired unit star Raafat Ali answered the question of concern to all Jordanians: “Whose league?” He told the Jordanian newspaper Al-Ghad: “The answer is related to the ability of departments and technical bodies to deal with players at this stage, and is also related to the ability of technical devices to read the scene.” And studying the teams that you will meet in the last three rounds of the league, and also depends on the awareness of the fans, who are supposed to be aware of the importance of the stage, while the great responsibility rests with the stars of the two teams.”

He added, "A greater responsibility falls on the departments that are supposed to give their teams at this stage a top priority, by securing the players' dues in the first place, and spreading the spirit of enthusiasm in a thoughtful and scientific manner away from forming negative pressure that may cause the title to be lost."

He continued, "We are well aware of the psychological pressure experienced by Al-Wehdat and Al-Ramtha players at this stage, in light of the fans of their two clubs, but the experienced players in both teams must deal professionally and transfer their experiences to colleagues who have never experienced this fierce breathing, and they seemed to be negatively affected by the current atmosphere, to the point of reaching fear." In the matches, which is a dangerous matter that requires coaches to pause.” And

he continued: “Excessive caution, for fear of losing points in the last three rounds of the league, Ramtha and Al-Wehdat may lose their focus, which is likely to further bleed points, and the matter remains dependent on the experience of the players in dealing with These circumstances.” And he

concluded: “The answer to the question (the League for Maine), may depend largely on the ability of Al-Wehdat and Al-Ramtha to benefit from the current stopping period, which we think was appropriate, after the two teams stumbled in the last two matches, which sparked their fans looking for Correction of the path in the next stage.

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