Frölunda and Rögle won their groups in the Champions Hockey League, while Växjö, Leksand and Skellefteå came second.

Skellefteå was the group runner-up that moved on with the least points when they won three matches and lost three.

- It is a tough group with Berlin and Lugano.

Before, I had almost said that the two would move on, says SVT expert Nils Ekman.

For the round of 16 finals, group winners will be drawn against group runners-up, but those who have played in the same group cannot meet.

The draw will take place on Friday.

Here are all the playoff-ready teams:

Group A: Sparta Prague (Czech Republic), Växjö Lakers

Group B: Frölunda, ZSC Lions Zurich (Switzerland)

Group C: Lukko (Finland), Adler Mannheim (Germany)

Group D: Rögle, Munich (Germany)

Group E: Tappara (Finland), Skellefteå

Group F: Friborg-Gottéron (Switzerland), Leksand

Group G: KAC Klagenfurt (Austria), Dragons de Rouen (France)

Group H: Salzburg (Austria), HC Bolzano (Italy)

Frölunda is the reigning champion from the 2019-2020 season.

Last year, the tournament was canceled due to the corona pandemic.

KLIPP: Rögle turned against Sönderjyske - won big

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William Strömgren and Rögle drove over Sönderjyske.

Photo: Bildbyrån

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