Cyclists' union CPA is demanding 1 euro in damages from a spectator who caused a massive crash during the Tour de France.

The woman will appear in court in Brest on Thursday.

During the first stage of the Tour de France, the French woman was standing by the side of the road as the peloton passed.

She showed her cardboard sign that read '

Allez Opi Omi

' to the camera, standing on the road with her back to the riders.

The result was a massive crash.

Tour organization ASO and the CPA filed a complaint against the woman, who was arrested a few days later.

The ASO decided not to press charges, but CPA wants the woman to appear in court.

"We are convinced that she did not do it on purpose," said Gianni Bugno, president of the riders' union.

"But with her careless behavior she has put the health of many riders at risk."


Fan with cardboard sign causes crash in Tour de France

'1 euro in compensation does not outweigh two broken arms'

A few riders had to give up due to their injuries or suffered a lot of time loss immediately, so that they had no chance in the general classification.

"Riders, staff members and their families often prepare for months for the Tour de France. It is unacceptable that this is destroyed by a spectator who considers himself more important than the riders," says former Italian rider Bugno.

"The €1 in compensation we are asking for does not compensate for Marc Soler's two broken arms or Tony Martin's injuries. It has only a symbolic value."

"With this we hope to get the attention of the public, so that spectators behave respectfully and responsibly. The images of this fan with her sign have gone around the world and should be a warning that nothing like this ever happens again."

The lawsuit against the thirty-year-old Frenchwoman will be held on Thursday at 1.30 pm.

Initially, she faced a maximum prison sentence of two years, for 'accidentally causing physical harm' and 'deliberately violating safety regulations'.

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