Samsung, a professional baseball team, defeated KIA and continued the race for the lead. Samsung Oh Seung-hwan became the oldest 40 saves in history.

This is reporter Bae Jung-hoon.


Oh Seung-hwan, who came to the mound in the 8th inning, one out, two points ahead of the crisis of filling the base, caught two floating balls with seven balls and silenced the KIA batting line, but allowed two hits in the ninth inning and faced a crisis once again.

But it didn't falter any more.

After catching Hyung-woo Choi with a fly in center field after an 8-bout game, he struck out the last batter Jeong-yong Choi.

Oh Seung-hwan, who secured the team victory with the most back-throwing in 44 pitches of the season, rose to the record of the longest 40 saves in KBO league history.

Samsung, who beat KIA with Oh Seung-hwan's reverse throw and Pirella's home run, closely followed KT by a game and a half.

Doosan's Choi Yong-je, who boasts a batting average of 40-1, 9 ri, showed off his clutch ability for two days in a row.

Choi Yong-je, who played as a pinch hitter the other day and drew a key point, made a stepping stone for a comeback by taking a tie in the 6th inning 2 out 2nd and 3rd base situation, 2 points behind KT.

Doosan, who succeeded in flipping the 7th inning, took advantage of the opposing pitcher's fierce battle in the 8th to reach the finish line and put a wedge in the game.

Doosan, who defeated KT 5-3, continued fierce competition for the middle position by maintaining a gap of one and a half games with 5th place Kiwoom.

Kiwoom, led by Ahn Woo-jin's two runs in 7 innings and four RBIs by foreign batter Craig, beat NC 8-2, and LG and Lotte, who fought a fierce battle of 22 hits, couldn't decide on a win.    

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