The six Dutch top chess players who had instituted summary proceedings against the Dutch chess association and the municipality of Hoogeveen were ruled against by the preliminary relief judge on Wednesday.

They must therefore be able to show a corona admission ticket.

The tournament starts on Friday.

Defending champion Lucas van Foreest, former champion Sergey Tiviakov, Sipke Ernst, Migchiel de Jong, Ivo Maris and Machteld van Foreest went to court.

In their view, it is unfair that a corona pass is required to enter.

According to the six, a test takes them out of their rhythm, disrupts their preparation and that is not desirable for a fair fight.

Vaccinated chess players do not need to be tested.

However, the preliminary relief judge did not agree.

"The chess tournament is of such a high level that it is not an amateur sports tournament. The current regulations do not allow matches such as this to be organized without the participants having a corona ticket", a written statement states.

"A municipality is pre-eminently obliged to comply with these regulations. After all, this is the competent authority that must monitor compliance with these regulations. The preliminary relief judge is also of the opinion that the chess federation, which has been preparing for a long time, cannot last minute to organize somewhere else."


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The municipality of Hoogeveen has designated the National Championships for men and women as an event.

As a result, all participants need a valid QR code and the obligation may arise to be tested daily for the corona virus.

There is a good chance that the six chess players who initiated summary proceedings will now ignore the Dutch National Championships.

Defending champion Van Foreest already announced earlier this week that he would unsubscribe if he had to show a corona ticket.

The Dutch Championships start on Friday and end on Saturday 23 October.

Eight women compete for the Dutch title.

The men's chess players play a knockout tournament.

The four remaining will compete for the title between November 27 and December 3 in Rotterdam.

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