In the 62nd minute of Argentina's 3-0 victory over Uruguay in the South American qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, a photographer took a new iconic photo of Argentine star Lionel Messi.

And the picture, which spread like wildfire, shows the "Bulga" on the outskirts of the penalty area, surrounded by 6 players from the "Celeste".

Messi on the outskirts of the Uruguay penalty area surrounded by 6 competing players (French)

The Argentine magician managed to deceive the seven players and did not pass the ball through to his colleague, but rather passed the ball on the wing to his colleague Rodrigo de Paul, who in turn passed the ball to Lautaro Martinez - on a gold plate - and the Inter Milan striker easily scored the third goal for his country.

Before Lautaro's goal and pre-Assist De Paul for him, Messi did something more than football statistics can remember!

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— Ahmed Abdelmoneim (@AhmedAJrW) October 11, 2021

It is noteworthy that Messi scored the first goal for his country in a strange way, becoming the first South American player to score 80 goals with the national team.