The draft meeting of professional baseball will be held on the 11th.

The two teams announced the players to be nominated for the first place by the day before, but it is less than usual, and each team will continue to consider until just before the meeting.

As with last year, this year's draft meeting will be held online with 12 rooms for each team to prevent infection with the new coronavirus.

If the nominations are duplicated in 1st place, the representative of each team will move to the lottery venue and the lottery will be held.

Compared to last year, the Koshien Stadium held national tournaments in spring and summer for the first time in two years, and college students also played league games. Some teams couldn't secure enough practice time or couldn't participate in the national tournament.

Under these circumstances, 7 teams and 6 teams were announced in advance as the 1st place among the 12 teams last year, but this time only 2 teams were announced by the day before, and each team was searching until just before the meeting. We will continue to consider it.

Among high school students, right-handed pitchers who throw fastballs in the 150-kilometer range are attracting attention, and among them, Akita / Akisakura High School, which has the fastest speed of 157-kilometers, and Kazama-ball pitcher, Softbank has announced the No. 1 nomination.

In addition, Kochi High School and Daichi Moriki, who have no experience of participating in Wakayama Municipal High School, Kenta Kozono, and Koshien, who have the fastest speed of 152 km and have a high degree of perfection, are candidates for the first place.

Nishinippon Institute of Technology, pitcher Chiichiro Sumita, who is a college student with a maximum speed of 150 km and a variety of changing balls, has announced that Seibu has been nominated for the first place.

In addition, there are many candidates for the left pitcher such as Tsukuba University and Junsuke Sato, who have the fastest speed of 152 km, and Kwansei Gakuin University and Takumi Kurohara, who have the fastest speed of 151 km.

In addition, right-handed batters with attractive long hitting ability, such as Tomoya Masaki of Keio University and Bright Kenta of Jobu University, are also considered to be the top nominations.

The draft meeting will be held in Tokyo from 5 pm on the 11th.

Draft meeting nomination order

After the 1st place nomination by lottery, the team ranking as of the day before the draft meeting will be in the reverse order of "Weber order", and this time the nomination will be made from the Central League.

The second place nomination is DeNA → Nippon-Ham → Chunichi → Seibu → Hiroshima → Softbank → Giants → Rakuten → Hanshin → Lotte → Yakult → Orix.

The 3rd place nomination is the opposite of the 2nd place nomination, and starts from the 1st place in the Pacific League.

Therefore, the order is Orix → Yakult → Lotte → Hanshin → Rakuten → Giants → Softbank → Hiroshima → Seibu → Chunichi → Nippon-Ham → DeNA.

The 4th place nomination will be repeated from the lower team again, and the 5th place nomination will be repeated from the upper team.

In principle, one team can nominate up to 10 people, and 12 teams as a whole can nominate 120 people.

However, if a player belonging to an independent league in Japan or a professional baseball player from a foreign country is nominated, it is not included in the number of players.

Also, if the number of players has not reached 120, the desired team can be nominated for the 11th and subsequent players.

Then, the training players will continue to be nominated.