The final round of the men's golf domestic tour was held in Chiba Prefecture, and 28-year-old Tomoyasu Sugiyama, who started from the top, escaped and won the tour for the first time.

Sugiyama won the final round on the 10th with 6 birdies and 1 bogey, increasing his score by 5 and making a total of 19 unders, 3 strokes behind 2nd place.

28-year-old Sugiyama won the tour for the first time.

Naoyuki Kataoka and Jinichiro Kozuma came in second with a total of 16 under.

Shugo Imahira, who aimed to win the tournament for the third consecutive time, was 28th with a total of 6 under, and Chan Kim, who won the tournament last week and was the top prize money ranking, was 46th with a total of 2 under.