The Sports Court deals a slap at the Zamalek club

Today, the Egyptian club Zamalek received a notification from the International Football Association “FIFA” stating that the penalty for suspending him from registration for two registration periods was supported due to the registration crisis of the young team player Hossam Ashraf, despite his signing of one of the Cameroonian academies, with the lifting of the financial penalty for the club, according to “Al-Masry Al-Youm.” .

The International Sports Court held a hearing for the parties to the crisis to resolve the crisis of suspending Zamalek for two registration periods, which is the current summer transfer period, and the next winter transfer period in January.

The court decided to raise the fine imposed on the Zamalek club, estimated at two hundred thousand dollars, due to the case of Hossam Ashraf, who signed for one of the marketing academies, before signing in favor of the Zamalek club.

The International Sports Court had decided to stop Zamalek from being registered for two transfer periods due to the signing of the young player Hossam Ashraf, who was signed in favor of one of the academies that stipulated in his contract that he not contract with any club without her knowledge, which did not happen for the player to sign for Zamalek with the academy to be punished. The club has to stop the registration with a fine of 200,000 euros.

After the appeal submitted by Zamalek, the court decided to raise the fine, while rejecting the appeal in the part dedicated to lifting the suspension, so that Zamalek will be deprived of registration this season.

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