Exactly what the season will look like is not clear.

 - It is not clear how many competitions.

But it is a fantastic feeling to get this support and finally get a real chance in the main team, says Solberg to SVT Sport.

Last year, Oliver Solberg signed a two-year contract with Hyundai as factory driver, where the focus during this year's season was on WRC2, but the 20-year-old has joined the WRC.

Among other things, an impressive seventh place in the Arctic Rally Finland.

In terms of results, it has otherwise been a tough season with several, for various reasons, broken competitions.

To now be able to take another career life as a third driver in the top team is a dream come true.

 - It helps self-confidence.

After such a tough year with a lot of problems, it's really nice to get this support and backing.

Feel that you really get a chance to do something really big.

It is the dream I have had since I was born, you could say, to join a WRC team and a real investment, says Solberg.

Shares a car with Sordo

The move up to the main team means that Solberg will be a teammate with merited World Cup drivers Thierry Neuville and Ott Tänak.

Solberg will share the third car with experienced Spaniard Dani Sordo, with 16 years of experience in the WRC.

 - It is important for me to have him by my side, with a lot of experience.

Even if I drive, he will still be in competition and support me and the team.

He is a very energetic person so it is clear that it will help a lot to have someone who knows so much about the team and so much about the World Cup.

New regulations

Next year will be exciting.

Then a new regulation with hybrid technology in the WC series is introduced.

Solberg has already driven the car and looks forward to continuing to develop both the car and himself.

 - It's just about learning next year and hopefully getting some good results.

Build together with the team to get a good car, a good feeling and build for the future, for something much bigger.

Solberg emphasizes the importance of giving yourself time and patience.

 - In R5 you know that you have a chance to win and there you want to bet, but in WRC it is something completely different.

There you have to think about who you are driving against, the level is so much higher.

You really have to set a realistic goal and not try to win.

It takes time before you win, in the end you will just have to be patient.

CLIP: Solberg about the new hybrid car: