The soccer J-League will utilize a mechanism called "vaccine / test package" to prove that it has been vaccinated and that the test was negative at the final of the J-League Cup scheduled for next month 30th. We have decided to conduct a demonstration experiment to ease the upper limit of the audience.

The guideline is that the J-League will be held as a transitional measure for one month even after it is lifted in areas subject to priority measures such as state of emergency and prevention of spread, with the upper limit of the number of spectators being 10,000 or 50% less than the capacity. It is stipulated in.

To ease the upper limit of spectators, the J-League has been vaccinated twice in the J-League Cup final at Saitama Stadium on the 30th of next month and the league match to be held next month, and the test is negative. We decided to conduct a demonstration experiment using a mechanism called a "vaccine / test package" that proves that it was.

In the experiment, we will add a seat to the upper limit of the audience and set up a seat for people who have vaccination or a certificate of negativeness.

Mitsuru Murai, chairman of the J.League, said, "I think it will be a big challenge to be able to smoothly operate the vaccination history and confirmation of negative proof so that there is no waiting line. We may have to unify. "