Teruaki Sato, a rookie of professional baseball and Hanshin Tigers, became a no-hit for 53 at-bats in a row against Hiroshima on the 28th, lining up with the worst record of one season for professional baseball fielders.

From the 22nd of last month to the 26th of this month, Sato did not make a hit for 50 at-bats in a row, and on the 28th, he started in the 7th light against Hiroshima at Koshien Stadium.

The first at-bat was a missed strikeout, the second at-bat was a first ground ball, and the third at-bat was a missed strikeout, and Sato did not hit 53 at-bats in a row.

With this, in 1993, it was in line with the worst record of one season of professional baseball fielders recorded by Orix Tove at that time.

Rookie Sato has been pulling the line by hitting 23 home runs, which is a new record for the team, but in the second half of the game he fell ill and was demoted to the second army for the first time on the 10th of this month and re-promoted on the 23rd of this month. Was there.