Haas's Russian driver Nikita Mazepin was clearly the slowest driver in the Russian F1 time trial on Saturday.

Mazepin, 22, lost to the second-slowest driver, Alfa Romeo’s Antonio Giovinazz, by more than 2.7 seconds.

For his own teammate Mick Schumacer, the Russian bowed by as much as almost four seconds.

Mazepin explained that it took longer than expected to warm the tires on the intermediate rail in the wet conditions of the Sochi motorway.

In addition, he argued that he and teammate Schumacher would have had different tactics and Mazepin would have had less time to warm up the tires at the time of deciding the opening section of the time trial.

- My pace was good in the middle of the first section when the tires started working.

But in the end, I only had two laps and I didn’t get the tires in order.

So we could have been a couple of places higher.

It wouldn’t have changed much, but at least it would have given us more options for the internal affairs of the stable, Mazepin commented, according to the Racefans site.

The fastest in the surprising time trial was McLaren’s Lando Norris ahead of Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz and Williams ’George Russell.

Mercedes Valtteri Bottas was seventh, Alfa Romeo's Kimi Räikkönen 16th.