The time trials of Lewis Hamilton’s Russian GP got a dull end.

Britti hit the wall lightly in the depot straight as she was coming to pick up the dry weather tires.

Britti knocked out rumors that the mistake was due to pressure from the World Cup struggle.

- It had nothing to do with pressure.

When I came to the depot, there wasn’t much time, so I knew everything had to be as fast as possible, Hamilton said.

Hamilton and teammate Valtteri Bottas arched into the pits with about four minutes left in the 3rd section of the time trials.

Lap times were close to 1.45, so the duo were in a hurry to run two more fast laps.

Due to Hamilton's driving error, time was wasted from the stable and neither of them had time to drive more than one lap.

However, team boss Toto Wolff was of the opinion that this would probably have failed anyway.

Lewis Hamilton failed.

Photo: Yuri Kochetkov / AFP

Wolff saw that this was the sum of unfortunate coincidences.

He felt that the garage might have taken his car to a tire change a lap earlier, but it seemed too risky for both drivers to think.

For other teams that didn’t fight for the world championship, it was easier to take the risk.

Hamilton was on the same lines.

- I think the stable did its job perfectly.

We could have come for a tire change earlier, but we both (Hamilton and Bottas) thought it wasn’t worth the risk.

This is easier to do from 6th to 8th place.

In the race, the still life is repeated.

Hamilton is in the fourth box.

Starting in front are McLaren’s Lando Norris, Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz and Williams ’George Russell, who don’t have to think about the World Cup.

- Even though I am chasing the championship and I am in a different position than they are, it does not mean that I am not driving the race properly.

You always have to balance the risks, but I think I've done it quite well in the past.

A rare mistake annoyed, but a couple of hours after the time trials, Hamilton was already with you and focused on Sunday’s race.

- It felt shameful and I was disappointed in myself, but everyone makes mistakes.

That is not expected of world champions.

When I have been as successful as I am, everything except perfection feels weak.