Keita Nakajima, a 21-year-old college student, won the men's golf domestic tour tournament by winning the playoffs.

This is the fifth amateur player to win a men's tour in history.

Nakajima of Nippon Sport Science University, who ranked first in the amateur world ranking, started the final round in fourth place in the tournament held in Kyoto Prefecture, increased the score by four, and with Ryutaro Nagano who came out of the top with a total of 18 under. Lined up.

And while Nagano was a bogey in the first hole of the playoffs, he decided to win as a par.

This is the fifth feat in history for an amateur player to win the men's tour since Takumi Kanaya.

Nakajima said, "I'm very happy. I was excited to start. At the end, I was nervous enough to hear the sound of my heart."

Ryuichi Oiwa came in 3rd place with a one-stroke difference.