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Good afternoon and welcome to this live blog.

Here I, Robbert van der Linde, will keep you informed of the developments during the women's road race at the World Cycling Championships.

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  • Antwerp-Leuven (157 km)

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in one day

Another 5 km

- Van Dijk, Vos, Longo Borghini, Niewiadoma and Jackson, those are the five who are now driving in front.

However, the rest is not far away, this is not done yet.

in one day

Another 6 km

- Van Dijk continues hard, but Niewiadoma and Longo Borghini can still come along.

Vos is still there too.

in one day

Another 7 km

- Brand's fire has already been extinguished, she has to pay for her effort and falls completely through it.

Van Vleuten is now the most advanced rider, who tries everything to avoid a sprint.

Van Dijk also makes a strong impression, while Vos waits patiently and can rely on her sprint.

in one day

Another 8 km

- The final has started, and Brand lights the fuse in the powder keg.

She gets Henderson with her, while Vos can also follow easily.

in one day

in one day

Another 10 km

- García's brave attempt still fails, it seems to turn into a sprint with this thinned out peloton.

Or does someone still have the decisive acceleration in their legs in the last kilometers?

in one day

Another 12 km

- That things are going fast now, is apparent from the withdrawal of Marlen Reusser.

Earlier this World Cup, the Swiss was second behind Ellen van Dijk in the time trial and is therefore a recognized speed rider.

In the meantime, the peloton still hasn't caught García, but the gap is getting smaller.

in one day

Another 13 km

- Van Dijk and Van Vleuten are now leading the group to close the gap to García, which happens fairly quickly.

It seems more and more that the Netherlands is indeed going to bet on Vos.

in one day

Another 15 km

- The fact that the front is not yet at top speed is shown by the fact that the group with Van Dijk, Pieters and Blaak can join again.

This means that the Netherlands once again has considerable clout, but that there are also more competitors such as Kopecky in the area.

in one day

Marianne Vos has made a strong impression so far and seems to have the greatest chance of winning on behalf of the Netherlands.

Can she distribute her energy well and finish it in the final sprint?

Then in any case Mavi García will have to be traced.

in one day

in one day

18 km to go

- García still has a lead, but in the group behind it it is now raining attacks.

On behalf of the Netherlands, Vos, Van Vleuten and Brand are still present in the front regions.

in one day

21 km to go

- There are the big names that show themselves.

Niewiadoma opens the ball and accelerates.

Among other things, she gets Marianne Vos with her.

While the weather shifts a bit, Van Vleuten suddenly shoots off and sets things in motion.

They soon spot García.

in one day

Another 22 km

- The Spanish García suddenly takes off and quickly takes half a minute.

She is not a threat on paper, but she too is simply world champion if she is not retrieved in time.

That is why the Netherlands, Italy and Germany are making a little more pace.

in one day

Another 26 km

- Thanks to Blaak, the escapees are caught, it is now time for the big names to assert themselves.

in one day

Another 28 km

- Aude Biannic from France makes an attempt to drive away and takes just under 100 meters.

However, the group behind it is more than large enough to close that.

in one day

in one day

34 km to go

- Of the Dutch women, only Anna van der Breggen is not in the front group.

As she had announced in advance, she will not participate in her last competition for the win.

in one day

Another 38 km

- There we see Annemiek van Vleuten from the front!

She pulls hard, but doesn't really manage to drive off the competition.

in one day

Another 42 km

- The front group now consists of about fifty riders.

We still see a lot of orange shirts driving in between, so the Netherlands still has the necessary irons in the fire.

in one day

44 km to go

- While the peloton is getting bigger again due to the merging of the two front groups, the Dutch women continue to set the pace.

With the exception of Vos and Van Vleuten, we have already seen all Dutch women leading the way, but a decisive attack has not yet been placed.

in one day

Another 46 km

- Now it is Vollering who is in the lead of what is left of the peloton.

The Dutch women make the race hard, the front group consists of only about twenty riders.

However, the group behind it has not yet given up and is trying to find the connection.

in one day

in one day

Another 47 km

- Lucinda Brand wants to make use of the chaotic situation and accelerates.

She gets Longo Borghini at her wheel, among others, after which the rest of the leading group follows in a long string.

Those who are not with us now can probably write the victory on their stomach.

in one day

Another 48 km

- During the second ascent of the Smeysberg, the bat is thrown back into the henhouse.

Not all Dutch women can join the front group, but Vos and Van Vleuten, among others, can.

in one day

The final has not yet started, but the public on the side in Flanders is having a great time and passionately applauds the riders.

in one day

Another 54 km

- It seems to remain with a few pin pricks of the Dutch women for the time being.

A few riders who have just been released are given the opportunity to rejoin.

The peloton still consists of about forty women.

The Dutch women let themselves sink back into the group.

in one day

Another 56 km

- Now that Vollering is back in the suit, the Dutch women are really pushing the gas.

With a few quick accelerations, Brand and Blaak tear the peloton to pieces.

in one day

in one day

Dutch women are becoming increasingly involved in the course of the share price.

They are currently setting the pace in the peloton, which Vollering has since rejoined after her material problems from earlier.

in one day

The top favorites are still quiet in the hills, but in orange we recognize Anna van der Breggen who keeps the pace high on the climbs.

in one day

Another 65 km

- Vollering puts her bicycle aside, but the bicycle change takes a very long time.

She gets a new frame from the neutral trailer, but can't hide her annoyance.

in one day

Another 66 km

- Again problems for Demi Vollering during a climb.

She seems to be having problems with her chain and indicates that she wants to change bikes.

in one day

Another 70 km

- Drummond's adventure is over, while the riders are working on one of the steepest climbs of the day, the Smeysberg.

Vollering has some material problems during the ascent, but can quickly continue her way and rejoin.

That cannot be said of the lesser riders in the peloton, who are now flying off in droves.

in one day

Another 73 km

- The peloton decides not to let Drummond drive away too far.

The Belgian women get things going, which reduces the lead of the New Zealander.

in one day

78 km to go

- While the course is about halfway through, New Zealand's Michaela Drummond makes an attempt.

It is the first really serious attempt, because she soon has a minute.

in one day

Another 86 km

- The tree is now being shaken vigorously.

The riders of Belgium, Great Britain and Germany take turns leading the pack.

The Dutch women think it's best and keep a close eye on things from the second row.

in one day

A beautiful picture: in her last competition as a professional, outgoing world champion Anna van der Breggen takes care of getting water bottles for her teammates.

in one day

95 km to go

- Led by the British women, the peloton crosses the finish line in Leuven for the first time.

However, it is not yet necessary to be the first to push the wheel over the line, that only happens after about 100 kilometers.

in one day

Another 98 km

- Under the impulse of, among others, the Dutch women, the pace is increased.

However, there is no real war yet, the major contenders are still keeping their powder dry.

in one day

103 km to go

- For the first time today, the road goes up somewhat seriously.

The peloton is already being pulled a bit more and in the back the lesser goddesses already have to release.

in one day

Speaking of luxury servants: outgoing world champion Anna van der Breggen gets water bottles for her teammates during the race.

#Flanders2021 - Queen Van der Breggen on bottle duties in her last ever race as professional cyclist.



AuthorLa Flamme RougeMoment of places11: 49 - September 25, 2021

in one day

Another 113 km

- It is still peaceful in the peloton, but that rest will probably be done in no time.

The first hills are approaching, where we will most likely see the first selection.

in one day

Today's profile from the moment it gets interesting.

The riders are still working on the long, flat part at the start, but from kilometer marker 50 (with just over 100 kilometers to go) the Flemish hills loom up and the wheat is separated from the chaff.

in one day

Pictures of the official launch.

If it hadn't been for the red flag, we would hardly have noticed the difference between the neutralized course and the real course.

It is still certainly not the sharpest driving, but that will come.


🚨The official start of the UCI Elite Women Road Race World ChampionshipsWe cannot wait to see how this race pans out #flanders2021


AuthorUCIMoment of places11: 04 - September 25, 2021

in one day

Another 134 km

- It is going a bit far to say that the peloton is happily chatting through the Flemish landscape, but it is not much.

In all probability we will not see the first significant attacks until about a kilometer out of 25, when the first big hills come into view.

in one day

Starting point Antwerp again did its best to set up a nice starting location.

What a location to start a bike race 😍📍 Antwerp 🇧🇪 #Flanders2021


AuthorUCIMoment of places10: 54 - September 25, 2021

in 21 hours

Another 142 km

- Bravec and Roland are now driving in pairs, but the lead does not even exceed half a minute.

It doesn't take long before the Slovenian/Argentine duo is swallowed by the big crowd.

in 21 hours

Another 150 km

- We have the first attack attempt of the day.

Urska Bravec from Slovenia tries her luck.

A little later, Luciana Roland gives chase on behalf of Argentina, but the peloton keeps an eye on both riders.

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