There are a couple of indicators for evaluating the performance of a soccer team.

Sure, goals count and whether the game was won or lost.

In addition, however, the assessment is always in the eye of the beholder - and it depends on the demands, your own and those of others.

At FC Bayern, which almost always wins and often scores a lot of goals, they are always very, very high, and the criteria are therefore particularly strict.

When Joshua Kimmich stepped in front of the microphone at the newly promoted Greuther Fürth shortly after the final whistle, he did not seem like a player of the team that has just won the fifth Bundesliga game in a row and leaves the competition desperate again in the early phase of the season . Well, won 3-1, pretty safe as well, "but it wasn't exactly a brilliant achievement," said the midfielder.

His trainer also later gave a lecture on what needs to be better at the record champions than on the successful actions and the great dominance of his team over long stretches.

First place in the table is secured, so Julian Nagelsmann believes that you have to be satisfied.

Thomas Müller spoke of having done “a little too little up front”, which underscores the almost balanced scoring record.

The Munich team only shot twice more often than the Franks, who also won the corner kick (6: 3).

"We played too sloppily" in and around the penalty area, "or we had the wrong positions," he said. "But that's complaining at a high level".

Lewandowski missed the next record

Especially since there were records again in this game. Müller (10th minute), Kimmich (31st) and the Fürth midfielder Sebastian Griesbeck with his own goal (68th) screwed the Munich record to 23 hits in the first six Bundesliga games, no new coach at FC Bayern started that good before Nagelsmann . In addition, Müller has overtaken the former club boss Karl-Heinz Rummenigge in the club's eternal scorers list and is now number three with 218 goals behind Gerd Müller (566) and teammate Robert Lewandowski (309), who personally did not experience such a nice evening in Fuerth Ronhof.

For the first time since last November in a competitive match, for the first time after fifteen Bundesliga games, the Pole, who was awarded the “Golden Shoe” during the week as the most accurate shooter in Europe last season, did not score his own goal and thus missed it. Gerd Müller to chase the next record.

And that would bring you back to those aspects that did not go so well or perfectly with the newcomer. On the almost two-hour bus ride from Fürth in Middle Franconia to Munich in Upper Bavaria, Benjamin Pavard may have been pondering what he will do with the Bundesliga break next weekend (against Eintracht Frankfurt) and probably even after the international matches (at Bayer Leverkusen) . The right-back from France saw the red card at the beginning of the second half because he had roughly touched the former Munich Julian Green from behind in his own penalty area.

An action that Nagelsmann diplomatically described as "not absolutely necessary", "because you could still have defended it like that" - and demanded a little more effort than necessary from the rest of the team, outnumbered for almost a complete half of the game. Cedric Itten's goal two minutes before the end of regular time had less to do with the fact that the Munich team were only ten, but more to do with the wrong allocation with a precise cross on the head of the Swiss in the six-yard area.

One of the tasks of a coach is to take a closer look - and Nagelsmann had to realize that sometimes a slightly different view of things can emerge from the way the referee team has it. After a free kick for the Fürth, which was unjustified in his eyes, he complained a little too spirited and saw yellow. Even he, admitted the Bayern coach, did not react quite correctly. He would have had to “shut down earlier”, “run through the coaching zone and have a drink,” admitted Nagelsmann.

For FC Bayern, however, being imperfect usually means that you still want to become perfect and work on the deficits.

In any case, said Müller, one shouldn't stop, “to take the next step, to develop further”.

Kimmich has no worries.

“The character of the team is great.

We have players who are greedy, ”he says.

Not good news for the Munich competition.