Alfa Romeo's Finnish F1 driver Kimi Räikkönen got guests at the Sochi depot.

The video published by MTV Urheilu shows how the track's promoter Aleksei Titov brought Räikkönen, 41, who is retiring after the season, a souvenir and a cooler bag full of Russian ice cream.

There was also a surprise.

- This is not so politically correct, but Russia is not just a jerk, the promoter joked and opened the cooler bag.

Inside was a big bottle of vodka.

- This is a really good virus repellent!

Räikkönen, who recently had a corona, laughed.

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In the name of Räikkönen, there is still a speed record on the Sochi track.

He drove his Ferrari at 343.1 miles per hour in the 2015 race.

The memorabilia honored this achievement.