Korea Recurve Archery won all gold medals in the team event at the 2021 World Archery Championships following the Tokyo Olympics.

Ansan and Kim Woo-jin defeated Russia's Jelena Osipova-Galsan Bazarjavov 6-0 (38-36 39-36 37-33) in the mixed match final on the 5th day of the competition held in Yankton, South Dakota, USA on the 24th local time. was completely suppressed.

Korea, which had harvested two gold medals in the men's and women's team event in the previous final, also won the mixed match final, sweeping all three gold medals in the team event.

Since the 2011 World Championships, when mixed events were introduced, Korea has won gold medals in all six events until now.

Ansan (Gwangju Women's University) and Kim Woo-jin (Cheongju City Hall) will challenge for three gold medals in the remaining individual exhibitions.

Ansan, who had won three Olympic archery medals in Tokyo two months ago, has a chance to win three consecutive majors in two consecutive majors.

If Ansan and Kim Woo-jin bring both individual gold medals, Korean archery will achieve the feat of winning all recurve events at the World Championships for the first time in 12 years since the 2009 Ulsan Games.

The women's national team consisting of Ansan, Kang Chae-young (Hyundai Mobis) and Jang Min-hee (Incheon National University) defeated Mexico 5-3 (53-54 55-54 55-53 56-56) in the team final.

Korean women's archery returned to the top four years after the 2017 Mexico City Games.

In the men's team final, Kim Woo-jin, Oh Jin-hyeok (Hyundai Steel) and Kim Je-deok (Gyeongbuk Il High) defeated the United States 6-0 (54-53 56-55 57-54).

It is the first time in six years since the 2015 Copenhagen (Denmark) event that men's archery won the gold medal in the team event at the World Championships.

The gold medal winner in the individual event will be selected from the quarterfinals to the final on the 26th.

Ansan and Jang Min-hee will compete in the women's individual exhibition, and Kim Woo-jin and Kim Je-deok will challenge the men's.

Meanwhile, Kim Jong-ho (Hyundai Steel) and Kim Yun-hee (Hyundai Mobis) defeated Denmark 152-148 to win the bronze medal in the compound archery mixed event bronze medal match.

(Photo = Korea Archery Association Instagram capture, Yonhap News)