China News Service, Yan'an, September 25 (Reporter Wang Yu) The Shaanxi National Games table tennis field produced the first single gold medal on the 24th.

The Tokyo Olympics Xu Xin/Liu Shiwen fought six rounds and defeated Heilongjiang combination Wang Manyu/Cao Wei 4:2 to win the table tennis mixed doubles championship at the National Games.

  During the Tokyo Olympic cycle, table tennis mixed doubles was listed as an official Olympic event for the first time, and this event has gradually received unprecedented attention.

In the previous Tokyo Olympics, Xu Xin's partner Liu Shiwen lost to Japan's Mizutani Hayabusa/Ito Mima in the mixed doubles final, finishing second.

Data map: Liu Shiwen and Xu Xin in the game.

  In addition to Xu Xin/Liu Shiwen, several teams including Hebei combination Liang Jingkun/Sun Yingsha, Heilongjiang combination Cao Wei/Wang Manyu, Guangdong combination Lin Gaoyuan/Huang Weiqi and other teams gathered in this year’s National Games table tennis mixed doubles. They all went to Tokyo. The first national mixed doubles champion after the Olympics launched an impact.

  In the face of fierce competition from strong players such as forests, Xu Xin once said frankly that being an Olympic team is under pressure, "Everyone regards us as the favorite to win the championship, the pressure will be greater. Mixed doubles (competition) will be stronger, and all opponents should not be underestimated. Don't dare to underestimate the enemy."

  After four rounds of competition, Xu Xin/Liu Shiwen finally ushered in the challenge of Wang Manyu/Cao Wei in the final.

Before the game, Liu Shiwen said that this final will be an "encounter", and the trend of the game is as thrilling as she predicted.

  In the first game, Xu Xin and Liu Shiwen took the lead to enter the state and scored 6:3. Then Wang Manyu and Cao Wei stabilized their positions and tied the score to 7.

Xin Wen's combination relied on changing skills and tactics to score consecutively, winning the first victory with 11:8.

  In the second game, Xu Xin and Liu Shiwen paid more attention to the execution of skills and tactics in the receiving and serving links. They took advantage of the victory to win another game by 11:5 and achieved a big score of 2:0.

In the third game, the Heilongjiang combination launched a counterattack under the leadership of Cao Wei, winning back a city with 11:3.

  In the crucial fourth game, the two sides fought all the way to 8 draws.

But Wang Manyu accidentally strained his right leg in a save. After nearly ten minutes of medical timeout, Wang Manyu chose to continue the game.

But she and Cao Wei still lost the game 10:12 regrettably.

  In the fifth game, Wang Manyu and Cao Wei, who had no way out, chose to give it a go. The latter also took on more offensive tasks when their teammates were injured, and the two teamed up to recover the game.

In the sixth game, Wang Manyu and Cao Wei stubbornly took the lead despite being behind 0:7, but Xu Xin and Liu Shiwen were more comfortable in handling the key points at the last moment. At 13:11, Xin Wen's combination sealed the victory.

  After experiencing the frustration of the mixed doubles at the Tokyo Olympics, Xu Xin and Liu Shiwen regained their strength and won the National Games mixed doubles championship.

Talking about the mental journey during the period, Xu Xin said that he and Liu Shiwen want to show the positive energy to stand up again after the setbacks, "We have to show the positive energy of going through setbacks and defeats, how to stand up, and let everyone know about the Chinese table tennis team. The tradition-every generation will be so strong."

  Since their partners competed in the mixed doubles field of table tennis, the two have experienced the highlights of World Table Tennis Championships, as well as troughs and ups and downs. Looking back on their partner career in the past few years, Liu Shiwen said that he has learned a lot from Xu Xin. The two years of preparations have been very difficult. It is unforgettable for us to experience success and endure failure together."

  Prior to this, Liu Shiwen had said that this would be her last National Games.

However, she revealed that she has not put down her racket. "No matter what status I am in the future, I will continue my table tennis career. I love the game very much and I can find myself on the game."

  Regarding the future, Xu Xin also said that he will continue to partner with Liu Shiwen, “We have been mixed doubles for a long time and have achieved a lot of results. There will be some subsequent matches that we can continue to try. (As long as the two of us continue to play, there are more opportunities. ."(over)