An American sports magazine with the cover of Shohei Ohtani of the Major League Baseball Angels has been released, and it is an unusual treatment that two types of covers are prepared by throwing.

Special feature over 10 pages

On the 23rd, the American monthly magazine "Sports Illustrated" released the October issue with Otani on the cover.

There are two types of covers, pitcher and batter Otani, and the large letters "SHO TIME" are designed on the photographs that capture the moments of pitching and batting.

The cover page says, "He's not a new Babe Ruth. It's even better," and the magazine features 10 pages.

"Sports Illustrated" is a traditional American sports magazine that was first published in 1954, and Otani has been on the cover before, but this time the magazine has the same content, but the cover is different by throwing 2 It is an unusual treatment where types are prepared.