Good day and welcome to the live blog of the Eredivisie.

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  • Sixth round

  • Results: 

  • SC Cambuur-Heracles Almelo


  • LIVE:

  • FC Twente-AZ


Twente-AZ a few seconds ago

44' GOAL AZ!


There's AZ's tie-in


and what a one!

Jesper Karlsson comes in and hits hard in the short corner.

Lars Unnerstall is not quite well positioned and has no chance of the Swede's bet.

a few seconds ago

Twente-AZ a few seconds ago

42 'Van Wolfswinkel is going to try again and seems to be able to continue.

Good news for the home team.

Twente-AZ a few seconds ago

41 'Van Wolfswinkel is affected so much by the action of Martins Indi that he seems unable to continue.

Taking care of FC Twente!

Twente-AZ a few seconds ago

39 'Bruno Martins Indi stands hard on Van Wolfswinkel's fibula.

There is no question of intent, but the defender is thrown on the receipt by Danny Makkelie.

Twente-AZ a few seconds ago

34 'Jesper Karlsson is now also trying from a distance, but AZ's attempts have hardly caused any problems for Lars Unnerstall so far.

Twente-AZ 4 minutes ago

29 'Midtsjø tries it from a distance, but his shot flies high over Lars Unnerstall's goal.

AZ has the ball for the time being, but FC Twente has the goals.

4 minutes ago

Twente-AZ 6 minutes ago

Twenty-year-old Daan Rots personally signs for FC Twente's 2-0 against AZ.

It is not the first league goal for the young attacker.

In the last round of last season, Rots was accurate against ADO Den Haag.

Twente-AZ 11 minutes ago

22 'Pascal Jansen intervenes and takes Timo Letschert off the field.

The man who made the big mistake at the 2-0 is replaced by Pantelis Hatzidiakos.

Twente-AZ 13 minutes ago

21 'Great opportunity for AZ!

Pavlidis is only put in front of the keeper by Gudmundsson, but the Greek pricks the ball through Unnerstall's foot.

Twente-AZ 17 minutes ago

17' GOAL FC Twente!


Timo Letschert hopelessly makes a mistake at AZ.

The defender loses the ball to Daan Rots who can continue on Vindahl.

The young attacker remains calm and slides into the 2-0 with his left.

Twente-AZ 19 minutes ago

Ricky van Wolfswinkel celebrates his quick opening goal against AZ.

It is the striker's third league goal in five games.

19 minutes ago

Twente-AZ 22 minutes ago

11 'Dangerous moment by Jesper Karlsson.

The Swede gets the ball in front of the feet, but shoots hard at Unnerstall from close range.

Moreover, the linesman puts his flag in the air and so the possible party would not have taken place anyway.

Twente-AZ 28 minutes ago

5 'There AZ is dangerous for the first time.

Martins Indi has a good long ball at home on Dani de Wit, but the midfielder is well run off the ball by Robin Pröpper.

Twente-AZ 33 minutes ago

1' GOAL FC Twente!


After 32 seconds the ball is already in the net for FC Twente!

Vlap is sent off on the left flank and puts the ball well back at Van Wolfswinkel.

The striker coolly shoots the 1-0 against the ropes.

What a start from the home team!

Twente-AZ 34 minutes ago

Kick off!

 Gudmundsson has kicked off and Twente-AZ has started!

The Alkmaarders should actually win today to find the connection with the top places.

Twente-AZ 1 hour ago


FC Twente and AZ close the sixth round of the Eredivisie.

The home team has no reason to change after the handsome 4-1 win against Vitesse last Sunday.

At AZ, Tijjani Reijnders replaces the suspended Jordy Clasie.

Yukinari Sugawara can also show himself again from the kick-off.

The right back plays instead of the sick Aslak Witry. 

FC Twente line-up:


Troupee, Hilgers, Propper, Sadílek;

Zerrouki, Brama, Vlap;

Rock, Van Wolfswinkel, Limnios. 


up AZ Alkmaar:


Sugawara, Letschert, Martins Indi, Wijndal;

Reijnders, Midtsjo;

Gudmundsson, DeWit, Karlsson;


an hour ago

Cambuur-Heracles 1 hour ago


Cambuur Leeuwarden holds out in the final phase and wins 2-1 against Heracles Almelo.

The home team got off to a great start in the second half and quickly made the 2-0 via Hoedemakers.

In the extra time, things threatened to go wrong for the Leeuwarders when Sinan Bakis took care of the connecting goal.

Cambuur, however, gave nothing away after that and took his revenge from the 9-0 defeat against Ajax.

Cambuur-Heracles 1 hour ago

90' GOAL Heracles Almelo!


There's the goal for Heracles!

Sinan Bakis luckily gets the ball in front of his feet and convincingly scores his first goal of the season against the net.

We get an exciting four minutes extra time in Leeuwarden!

Cambuur-Heracles 1 hour ago

86 'Where Heracles Almelo has started a small final offensive, Cambuur made two more substitutions.

Ter Heide and Kiss relieve Schmidt and goalscorer Breij.

Cambuur-Heracles 1 hour ago

Rai Vloet with the chance of 2-1 for Heracles, but the midfielder aims a few meters too high.

The margin for the home team remains quite comfortable with two goals.

Cambuur-Heracles 1 hour ago

81 'Huge opportunity for Rai Vloet.

The Heracles midfielder gets the ball from Bakis, but hopelessly shoots over from close range.

an hour ago

Cambuur-Heracles 1 hour ago

77 'A grabbing Blaswich escapes unscathed.

The Heracles goalie doesn't handle a shot from Kallon well, but it only leads to a corner.

Cambuur-Heracles 1 hour ago

76 'A debutant on the side of Heracles Almelo.

The 21-year-old Croat Mateo Les joins the team for Marco Rente.

Cambuur-Heracles 1 hour ago

71 'Beautiful pass from Maulun, who puts Kallon away.

The winger fumbles past a number of Heracles defenders, but the ball ends up in Blaswich's hands.

Cambuur-Heracles 1 hour ago

69 'Heracles trainer Wormuth intervenes and makes two substitutions.

Azzaoui and Amissi come in for Basacikoglu and Burgzorg.

Cambuur-Heracles 1 hour ago

64 'Cambuur is also going to change for the first time.

Mitchell Paulissen comes in for Jamie Jacobs.

Cambuur-Heracles 1 hour ago

63 'Great opportunity for Bakis!

The substitute gets a lot of freedom in the sixteen-meter area.

Bakis takes the ball to the chest, but his volley goes hard over the Cambuur goal.

Cambuur-Heracles 2 hours ago

60 'Kaj Sierhuis lasted an hour in Leeuwarden today, but is now replaced by Sinan Bakis.

The Turkish striker scored his last Eredivisie goal against Feyenoord on May 13.

Cambuur-Heracles 2 hours ago

59 'Heracles tries, but hardly gets to Sonny Stevens' goal.

At the same time, Cambuur occasionally comes out dangerous in the counter.

Cambuur-Heracles 2 hours ago

47' GOAL SC Cambuur!


Cambuur shoots from the starting blocks in this second half.

Tom Boere lays the ball perfectly for Mees Hoedemakers.

The midfielder shoots hard and lowers the 2-0 for the home team against the ropes.

Cambuur-Heracles 2 hours ago

46 'We started the second half between Cambuur and Heracles.

Can the visitors turn the 1-0 deficit into a good result?

Cambuur-Heracles 2 hours ago

First half stats: 

  • SC Cambuur-Heracles Almelo

  • Position: 1-0

  • Shots: 3-8

  • Shots on target: 1-2

  • Possession: 53 percent-47 percent

Cambuur-Heracles 2 hours ago


SC Cambuur has recovered well from the big defeat against Ajax last Sunday.

The home team took the lead in the 25th minute with a beautiful goal from Breij.

Then Heracles knocked on the door, but that did not lead to an equalizer for the time being.

Cambuur-Heracles 2 hours ago

41 'The storm of Heracles Almelo has died down a bit at the end of the first half.

Cambuur has got the organization back in order and hopes to strike a second time in the counter.

Cambuur-Heracles 2 hours ago

Joy on the bench at SC Cambuur after Michael Breij's 1-0.

Trainer Henk de Jong is celebrating the party with his staff.

Cambuur-Heracles 2 hours ago

30 'What a miss from Quagliata!

The left back gets the ball on a silver platter from Basacikoglu, but shoots from less than 5 meters wide of Stevens' goal.

Cambuur-Heracles 2 hours ago

29 'Another chance for Heracles.

Interest takes the ball on the shoe, but Stevens can just tap the ball out of his goal.

The Heracmen are now pushing hard for Cambuur's goal.

Cambuur-Heracles 2 hours ago

28' Lat! 

Kaj Sierhuis frees himself well and hits the crossbar hard.

There was almost a very quick answer from the visitors from Almelo.

Cambuur-Heracles 2 hours ago

25' GOAL SC Cambuur!


A beautiful goal by Michael Breij.

The midfielder takes on the one-two with Jacobs and curls the ball beautifully with the left in the top corner.

Cambuur leads against Heracles!

Cambuur-Heracles 2 hours ago

18 'Both teams have threatening moments, but often the right continuation is lacking in the final phase.

Still waiting for the first serious shot on target.

Cambuur-Heracles 3 hours ago

11 'Huge opportunity for Heracles!

Basacikoglu gives in front and Cambuur goalkeeper Stevens goes completely under the ball.

Mats Knoester cannot take advantage, the defender heads wide.

Cambuur-Heracles 3 hours ago

6 'It goes up and down in the first minutes of this match, but neither team will come to Leeuwarden for the time being.

Cambuur-Heracles 3 hours ago

Kick off!

The ball rolls in Leeuwarden.

Will Cambuur take revenge for the 9-0 defeat against Ajax or will Heracles take the three points to Almelo?

3 hours ago


Cambuur coach Henk de Jong has only made one change after the ear washing against Ajax.

Nineteen-year-old Jhondly van der Meer replaces the injured Marco Tol.

At Heracles Almelo, Kaj Sierhuis is once again in the starting lineup.

The striker made his first minutes against AZ on Sunday in a Heracles shirt and immediately graced his debut with a goal. 

SC Cambuur line-up:


Schmidt, Mac-Intosch, Van der Meer, Bangura;

Breij, Jacobs, Hoedemakers, Maulun, Kallon;



up Heracles Almelo:


Fadiga, Interest, Knoester, Quagliata;

Schoofs, De la Torre;

Basacikoglu, Vloet, Burgzorg;

ornamental house.

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