However, it is still far up to the men's level of prize money.

The 24 participating teams in this summer's European Championships received just over SEK 90 million each, just for participating.

European Championship winner Italy earned another SEK 100 million.

Doubles the prize money

But the ladies will at least get twice as much as at the last European Championship finals in the Netherlands in 2017. According to Uefa, the European Football Association, the total prize money at the time was 8 million euros.

For the European Championships in England next summer, the total prize pool is 16 million euros, equivalent to just over 160 million kronor, for the 16 participating nations, Uefa writes in a press release.

The increase was hammered out at a meeting in Chisinau, Moldova.

All participating nations receive a guarantee amount and it then increases depending on success.

Exactly what the model will look like will be decided later.

For the first time, the clubs of the selected European Championship players will also be compensated for releasing their players.

The total compensation to the clubs will be 4.5 million euros.

Uefa has also decided that the compensation from the solidarity fund to the clubs on the men's side that do not reach the European Cup game will increase.

The annual total is expected to rise from 140 million to about 175 million euros.