Koyasu and Takayasu will be closed from the 23rd of the 12th day at the sumo autumn place.

Takayasu played against Yokozuna Terunofuji on the 11th day of the 22nd, but after more than a minute of sumo wrestling, when he was defeated by a close-up and fell to the bottom of the ring, he stood up on his own for a while while lying sideways. I couldn't.

Takayasu notified the Japan Sumo Association on the 23rd and will be closed from the 23rd, the 12th day of the autumn season.

Takayasu suffered four consecutive losses from the first day of the place, and after the 11th day, he lost 4 wins and 7 losses, and will lose on the 23rd.

Takayasu will be closed for the 10th time following the previous location.

The fourth ball eagle in the front, which was scheduled to play on the 23rd, will be a bye.