The Japanese national team for para-ice hockey finished fourth in the second division of the World Championships in Sweden, and will not participate in the Beijing Paralympics next year.

In addition to the host country China, the Beijing Paralympics ice hockey team will be qualified by a total of eight teams, including the top five teams from the World Championships and the top two teams from the final qualifying round this year.

Japan participated in the "World Championship B Pool" held in Sweden from the 17th with a ticket to the final qualifying, and played against Sweden in the final round on the 22nd.

The winner was the closest to the final qualifying, and Japan lost 1 to 2 after being entangled in the penalty shot without being able to settle in overtime.

As a result, Japan finished in 4th place with 2 wins and 3 losses, and was unable to participate in the final qualifying where the top three teams proceeded, and missed the Beijing Paralympics.

It is the first time in two tournaments that Japan has missed the Paralympic Games in para-ice hockey since the 2014 Sochi tournament.

Japan has also missed the right to participate in wheelchair curling, and now it is no longer participating in the Beijing Paralympics team sport.