We can go through the images again and again, it is impossible to understand what prompted Stéphanie Frappart to sanction Lucas Paqueta with a yellow card at the end of the match against Troyes on Wednesday.

We rewind: we were playing the 87th minute of this OL -Estac at Groupama Stadium when the Brazilian midfielder tried to pass a sombrero to the Trojan defender Giulian Biancone.

The gesture does not pass, the Lyonnais accusing his vis-à-vis of having touched the ball with his hand.

The referee does not flinch but seems to react when the Trojan defender annoys the gesture attempted by the former Milanese.

If the latter does not seem to want to enter into the debate with the referee (he turns his back to him and resumes his post lower on the ground), he ends up receiving his little card, to his surprise if the 'we trust his mimicry.

For Neymar, "this episode is very sad"

Still, if it is likely that the referee sanctioned a challenge by the Brazilian, others imagined that Stéphanie Frappart had decided to punish Paqueta for his technical gesture a bit lighthearted.

This is the case of Neymar, who wanted to defend his selection buddy in an Instagram story after the meeting.

“This episode is very sad, to take a yellow card because of a dribble… The technical gesture is a solution, no matter where and at what time of the match it is carried out.

That's what happened to me last season.

And this year, it's happening to Paqueta.

Honestly, I don't understand the motive.

The famous "joga bonito" is over.

Enjoy while there is still time.

Always in measure the Ney.


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