Sport is not one of the eleven most important projects of the Union that it presents on the Internet - you have to download the entire program (140 pages). Sport is just an appendage there (from page 138). It is listed as the last point of the last column under the title: "New quality of life in town and country - out of love for our homeland". With reference to the social significance of sport, under “committed sports promotion” it is mentioned, among other things, that “emerging e-sports” should be more strongly supported in Germany, that a better basis should be laid for competitive and top-class sport and that the applications for major international events - provided that the framework conditions mentioned are right and the population is not against it. This also applies to the Olympic Games.

The election program of the CDU and CSU can be read here.


The SPD, including top candidate Olaf Scholz, calls their election program “future program”.

There are three versions: the long one, the short one and the one in "easy language".

The long one (66 pages) includes sport under “A society of respect” in Chapter 3.10 “Strengthening democracy” (page 47).

The SPD also emphasizes the “central” importance of sport for “social cohesion in society, for inclusion, integration and against discrimination”.

It generally assures: "We will promote popular and competitive sport", the same applies to top-class sport.

It also says: "The federal government, federal states and municipalities are equally called upon to support the grassroots of sport in overcoming pandemic-related problems in a special way."

The election manifesto of the SPD for reading.



But normal. ”Is the name of the election program.

It comprises 210 pages.

The table of contents extends over 8 pages.

The word "sport" or a reference to it does not appear there.

If you search, you will find the sport twice: The AfD speaks out against the liberation of Muslims from physical education and swimming lessons in schools.

And she is against tightening the gun law, which also affects sport shooters.



The AFD election program at a glance.


The Free Democrats claim: “There has never been more to do”.

They describe what needs to be done from their point of view on 68 (rather small print) pages, from page 42 onwards, sport is featured.

There are four points that are listed and briefly explained there: 1. "Protecting values ​​in sport", 2. "Major sporting events" (the party of IOC President Thomas Bach wants to hold on to applications for hosting major sporting events) , 3. “Recognize and support e-sports”, 4. “Fight doping - protection for key witnesses and whistleblowers”.

On this point, the Free Democrats agree with the Alliance 90 / The Greens party.

For people who consider fishing, fishing and hunting to be a sport: from page 61.

The election program of the FDP can be read here


It is “time to act”, believes the Left.

Your election program is 168 pages long - and it is quite specific when it comes to sport.

Among other things, she demands: “The diversity of sport must be reflected in the program” (that is to say: in the TV program), “because sport is more than football, skiing and major events such as the Olympics”.

And: It wants to regulate the proceeds from the broadcasting rights of sports events: The millions from football, for example, should be distributed fairly among the clubs and between the sexes.

Specifically, the Left also wants to invest in dilapidated infrastructure such as halls, sports fields and swimming pools.

She sees the need for renovation at 31 billion euros.

The election manifesto of the Left to read.


The Greens offer numerous versions of their election program. "Germany. Everything is in ”comprises 272 pages in the long version, but also with an index that indicates that sport appears on pages 199 (“ Protection for whistleblowers in connection with doping ”) and from 209ff. The Greens present a comprehensive “development plan for sport”, which is intended to do justice to the “largest supporter of organized civil society and voluntary engagement”. There, popular sport is of particular importance, especially in the east. It is also emphasized: “A strong popular sport needs role models. In competitive sport, it must be about the best possible promotion of talents and not just about fixing a certain number of medals. "

Here you can read the election manifesto of the PARTY BÜNDNIS 90 / DIE GRÜNEN.