(Shaanxi National Games) 13-year-old swimmer will break the dusty 10-year Macau record

  China News Agency, Xi'an, September 23 (Reporter Hu Jian) ​​In the swimming venue of the 14th National Games, Chen Peilin, born in 2008, broke the dusty 10-year Macau record in the women's 200-meter breaststroke preliminaries.

  In the women's 200m breaststroke preliminaries that day, Chen Peilin swam out of 2:40.61 and ranked 29th in the preliminaries.

In the calm preliminaries in the past, cheers came.

  "At that time, I was very confused. I suddenly heard my teammates cheering and shouting in the stands. Later I learned that I had broken the Macau record. I was still surprised." Chen Peelin said.

  Previously, the Macau record for this event was set by veteran Li Anqi at the 2011 Asian Age Group Swimming Championships. At that time, the result was 2:41.48.

  Chen Peilin, who started swimming practice at the age of 5, is a second-year student in a middle school in Macau. She usually spends two hours practicing swimming.

Before breaking the record, Chen Peelin's best performance in the 200-meter breaststroke was around 2 minutes and 43 seconds at the end of 2019.

  Why did the grades improve so fast?

Chen Peelin admitted frankly that it originated from the training camp in Beijing in August.

"We have been training in Beijing Sport University for more than a month, and we have greatly improved our physical fitness and technology."

  According to Liu Jiachong, the Macau swimming team leader of the National Games, Chen Peelin is a child with a high degree of self-discipline.

"When other people are resting and relaxing, I can see her training alone every time, constantly pressuring herself. In the future, she is very likely to be the hope of Macau women's swimming event."

  Chen Peilin, who still focuses on studies, hopes to become a professional athlete in the future, not only participating in the Hangzhou Asian Games next year, but also participating in two, three or even four National Games.

"I have the opportunity to compete with so many high-level athletes from the mainland, and I can learn a lot. I cherish this opportunity." (End)