A little fight before the big fight.

Tuesday, in Los Angeles, the Mexican Canelo Alvarez and the American Caleb Plant, who must face each other on November 6 for the unification of the titles in the super-middleweight, did not wait for the ding of the bell to exchange some shots in press conference.

It was even before the start of the conference held outdoors in a Beverly Hills hotel, when the two boxers faced each other face to face, as tradition dictates, that the tension suddenly rose a notch. , with names of birds sent to each other.

On which Alvarez pushed quite violently Plant, who tried in reply a left hook, dodged by his rival, who countered him with a series of hooks from the left, well done this one, and from the right.

The two men were then separated by an army of big arms, Plant having inherited after this short exchange of a beautiful gash under the right eye.

Canelo and Caleb Plant came to blows during the press conference!


Who wins this first round according to you?


- Overhand (@Overhand_fr) September 22, 2021

This foretaste could have a negative impact on the fight scheduled in seven weeks in Las Vegas, because if a serious injury was noted a postponement could be ordered.

Canelo (31 years old, 56 wins, 2 draws, 1 loss) must put his WBC, WBA, WBO super middleweight titles back into play, Plant (29 years old, 21 wins in as many fights) his IBF belt.

The winner will be the undisputed world champion of the category.

"You are a drug addict cheater ... a cheater"

The press conference then finally took place, with the Mexican explaining that he took offense at an insult aimed at his mother, himself having been heard speaking one of the same type in Plant just after pushing the American.

"He can say whatever he wants about me, but not about my mother," he argued.

“All we did was stare at each other.

He had something to say, I had something to say.

He was going to hit me, I was going to hit him.

And then he did what he did, ”said Plant.

The latter then accused the Mexican of using doping, recalling that he had been suspended for six months in 2018, after having tested positive for clenbuterol.

"You're a drug addict cheater ... a cheater," he said.

“Don't look for excuses before the fight,” replied Alvarez angrily.


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