The VAFC Bastia at the Stade du Hainaut for the 9th day of Ligue 2. The VAFC won the confrontation 2 to 1. In 3-5-2 rather offensive, the workforce of Guégan faced the defensive 4-5-1 Bastia of Chabert, with Santelli at the forefront.

The VA started the first half by hitting hard, with Cuffaut's goal (on a pass from Salles Lamonge) in the 7th.

However, Santelli found the loophole in the 43rd, putting the two teams tied in this game.

At half-time, the score was therefore 1-1.

In the 66th, Robail scored the last goal of the match, in favor of VAFC.

Palun, Ntim, Robic, Kaba and Lecoeuche were called to order by the referee.

The 16th place in the provisional classification is now occupied by the VAFC which, by gaining 2 places following its victory, takes the lead over Amiens.

This defeat temporarily drops Bastia to 18th position, behind Amiens.

VAFC and Bastia: the next matches

The VAFC will play against Dijon at the Gaston-Gérard stadium on September 24 at 9 p.m. for the next day.

AC Ajaccio will face Bastia on September 25 at 3 p.m., in Armand-Cesari.

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The match in brief: line-up, goals and refereeing

VAFC - Bastia: 2-1 (1-1 at half-time)

In Valenciennes (Stade du Hainaut), September 21, kick-off at 8 p.m.

Bastia coach: Mathieu Chabert

Composition of Bastia: Thomas Vincensini (16), Lloyd Palun (23), Yohan Bocognano (15), Dominique Guidi (6), Kylian Kaiboue (20) [then Tom Ducrocq in the 61st], Amine Talal (14) [then Kenny Nagera in the 70th], Stephen Quemper (11), Sébastien Salles Lamonge (10), Christophe Vincent (7) [then Chaouki Ben Saada in the 78th], Benjamin Santelli (9), Anthony Robic (3) [then Adil Taoui in the 61st]

VAFC trainer: Olivier Guégan

Composition of the VAFC: Lucas Chevalier (30), Quentin Lecoeuche (28), Mathieu Debuchy (26), Emmanuel Ntim (25), Ismael Doukoure (20) [then Mathis Picouleau in the 55th], Joeffrey Cuffaut (14), Sambou Yatabaré (22) [then Aly Abeid in the 76th], Mohamed Kaba (21), Baptiste Guillaume (18) [then Ben Qadir Abou Ouattara in the 30th], Gaëtan Robail (9), Floyd Ayité (7) [then Ilyes Hamache in the 76th]

Goals: Cuffaut (7th sp), Santelli (43rd), Robail (66th)

Warnings: Ntim (16th), Lecoeuche (63rd), Kaba (89th) for the VAFC, Palun (6th), Robic (57th) for Bastia

No player sent off

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