It seems that the final decision will be made on the 24th as to which twin sisters Lee Jae-young and Da-young (25) will advance to Greek women's volleyball.

A volleyball official who helps the sisters advance overseas said on the 22nd, "The International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) will make a final decision on the issuance of the International Transfer Agreement (ITC) on the 24th at the latest."

The Greek PAOK Thessaloniki club, which signed a contract with the twin sisters, submitted all the necessary materials to the FIVB for signing players, and also paid 4,000 Swiss francs (about 5.1 million won, 2,000 Swiss francs per person) to FIVB as a fee when transferring players. known to have done.

Sisters Lee Jae-young and Da-young sought to advance into Greece when it became difficult to play in Korea as Heungkuk Life, their original club, gave up registration for the 2021-2022 season due to the controversy over violence (school violence) during their school days.

However, the trip to Greece was delayed when the Korea Volleyball Association announced that it could not issue ITCs for twin sisters based on its own regulations on international transfers of players, which stipulate restrictions on the qualifications of domestic players to advance overseas.

According to the regulations of the Volleyball Association, ‘a person who has received a disciplinary action from a volleyball-related organization such as the Korea Olympic Committee (KOC), the association, or affiliated federations and the execution period has not expired, (sexual) violence, match manipulation, military service evasion, and other inappropriate The association restricts the qualifications for overseas advancement to those who have caused social scandal or have caused serious damage to the volleyball world through abusive behavior.

As soon as the twin sisters were embroiled in a school violence controversy in February, the Volleyball Association preemptively disqualified the sisters from the national team indefinitely.

However, if the FIVB, a senior organization of the Volleyball Association, authorizes the international transfer of the twin sisters on the 24th and approves the ITC ex officio, the sisters will receive a work visa from the Greek embassy in Korea based on this and will play in the Greek league starting on October 9th. can.