FC Groningen-Vitesse was shut down on Wednesday evening after Vitesse goalkeeper Markus Schubert was hit by a plastic cup of beer from the audience at halftime.

At that time, Vitesse led 0-1 against Groningen, which received two red cards in the first half.

The incident took place after Vitesse had come out of the dressing room during the half-time break.

Schubert was working with the ball behind his goal when a plastic cup was thrown at the back of his head from the box with the fanatical supporters of FC Groningen.

After minutes of treatment from the medical staff, Schubert was able to get up and walk independently to the dressing room.

Referee Erwin van de Graaf then decided not to resume the match.

FC Groningen coach Danny Buijs tried to calm the mood in the profession with the FC Groningen supporters by talking to various fans.

It is not yet clear if and if so when the game will resume.

The incident in the Euroborg followed four days after FC Utrecht-RKC Waalwijk was shut down after RKC players were pelted with cups of beer and lighters.

Although both teams wanted to continue playing, referee Richard Martens decided to go in to "make a statement".

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