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  • Eredivisie

  • Game round 6

  • LIVE:

  • FC Groningen-Vitesse


  • 21.00 o'clock:

  • Feyenoord SC Heerenveen

  • PEC Zwolle-Sparta Rotterdam

  • Results:

  • NEC FC Utrecht 0-3

  • Go Ahead Eagles-PSV 1-2

FC Groningen-Vitesse · in 5 days


It will be a long evening for FC Groningen.

Danny Buijs's team is 0-1 behind Vitesse and has to continue with nine men after two red cards.

in 5 days

FC Groningen-Vitesse · in 5 days

45+5' Red FC Groningen!

The problems are piling up for Danny Buijs's team.

Even in the extra time of the first half, Daniël van Kaam can also come in after Mike te Wierik.

The defender makes hands in a very clumsy way.

FC Groningen-Vitesse · in 5 days

45+3' GOAL Vitesse!


Vitesse quickly benefits from the surplus in Groningen.

Gboho scores the opening goal.

Feyenoord-sc Heerenveen · in 5 days

We are cautiously shifting our attention to South Rotterdam.

Feyenoord had a wonderful Sunday with a 0-4 victory over PSV, can Arne Slot's team continue that line against Heerenveen?

That will not be an easy job, because the Frisians have started the season well and are in fifth place with ten points from five matches.

Go Ahead Eagles-PSV in 5 days


PSV records a hard-fought and barely deserved victory over Go Ahead Eagles.

Marco van Ginkel takes care of the liberating 1-2 a few minutes before time.

The strong Go Ahead had plenty of opportunities, but was left empty-handed.

Go Ahead Eagles-PSV in 5 days

90+6' Oh, what an opportunity for Lindberg!

The Go Ahead striker has to make it 2-2, but waits a long time and eventually finds Drommel on his way.

That's where PSV hogs!

in 5 days

FC Groningen-Vitesse · in 5 days

36' Red FC Groningen!

After interference by the VAR, Mike te Wierik is sent off the field at FC Groningen.

The defender stood on the foot of Lois Openda.

NEC-FC Utrecht · in 5 days


FC Utrecht wins with large numbers in Nijmegen: 0-3.

Bart Ramselaar is the star of the Utrecht side with two goals.

Go Ahead Eagles-PSV in 5 days

90+4 'Kuipers shoots the free kick far over.

Was that the last chance for Go Ahead on a not undeserved point?

Go Ahead Eagles-PSV in 5 days

90+3' Obispo torpedoed Heil and so Go Ahead got a free kick in a very dangerous position.

FC Groningen-Vitesse · in 5 days

28 'A far throw by Van Hintum comes at the feet of Ngonge.

The FC Groningen attacker lashes out, but shoots just over.

in 5 days

Go Ahead Eagles-PSV in 5 days

90 'Five minutes are added in Deventer.

NEC-FC Utrecht · in 5 days

87' Lat!

 There is almost the fourth Utrecht goal.

A shot from Mahi goes through the leg of a NEC defender on the aluminum.

Go Ahead Eagles-PSV in 5 days

87 'Gakpo has to close the game immediately, but he fails to do so: the ball disappears wide.

Go Ahead Eagles-PSV in 5 days

86' GOAL PSV! 


It still happens for PSV!

Marco van Ginkel heads in a corner from Gakpo and frees his team in the final phase.

NEC-FC Utrecht · in 5 days

FC Utrecht is on its way to victory and then comes to a total of eleven points.

A great start to the season for the Domstedelingen!

in 5 days

Go Ahead Eagles-PSV in 5 days

81 'PSV is getting stronger and is now emphatically chasing the winning goal.

Meanwhile, Van Wonderen changes: Deijl joins the team for Botos.

NEC-FC Utrecht · in 5 days

79' GOAL FC Utrecht!


Again it is Bart Ramselaar who scores.

The midfielder rounds off a Utrecht counter with a subtle ball past NEC goalkeeper Branderhorst.

Go Ahead Eagles-PSV in 5 days

Córdoba's great equalizer in the picture.

Will Go Ahead earn a point, or will PSV still steal the victory in the final phase?

Go Ahead Eagles-PSV in 5 days

77 'Ai, there Vertessen puts a best chance to give PSV the lead for the second time.

Not for the first time, the attack starts with Cody Gakpo, who shakes off two opponents and gets the ball at Van Ginkel.

The ball reaches substitute Vertessen via the captain, but he chases the ball over.

FC Groningen-Vitesse · in 5 days

16' Pole!

Groningen attacker Cyril Ngonge surprisingly shoots with the right, but his attempt ends up on the outside of the post.

in 5 days

Go Ahead Eagles-PSV in 5 days

75 'PSV gets a little stronger and creates a threat, especially via Gakpo.

The Eindhoven team still has fifteen minutes to prevent another painful loss of points.

Go Ahead Eagles-PSV in 5 days

Due to the injury of Noni Madueke, Roger Schmidt just had to make his fifth and final substitution.

This makes PSV the only team in the Eredivisie that has used all its substitution options (thirty) for the time being.

FC Groningen-Vitesse · in 5 days

Kick off!

The ball also rolls in the duel between FC Groningen and Vitesse.

PEC Zwolle-Sparta Rotterdam · in 5 days


The (goal) scoreless PEC will receive Sparta at 9 p.m.

Art Langeler has changed his team in several places.

For example, Kenneth Paal and Sam Kersten are missing in the first eleven and right back Mark Pabai, who came over from FC Utrecht, makes his debut.

One change at Sparta: Aaron Meijers replaces Michael Pinto in the back left.

Line-up PEC Zwolle: 


Pabai, From Poland, Foot, Nakayama;

Strieder, Huiberts, Van den Belt;

Kastaneer, Tedic and Redan.

Sparta Rotterdam line-up: 


Abels, Vriends, Heylen, Meijers;

Auassar, Mijnans, Osman, Smeets;

Thy, Van Crooij

Go Ahead Eagles-PSV in 5 days

68 'Next hefty setback for PSV: Noni Madueke sits down and has to be replaced with what at first sight looks like a muscle injury.

His replacement is Yorbe Vertessen.

This means that Schmidt has run out of exchange options.

NEC-FC Utrecht · in 5 days

67' GOAL FC Utrecht!


Anastasios Douvikas seems to close the game in the Goffert Stadium.

The striker shoots sharp after a subtle pass from Othman Boussaid.

Go Ahead Eagles-PSV in 5 days

67' Schmidt's next substitution: Thomas goes, Davy Pröpper comes.

The German has one substitution left, with Vertessen, Bruma and Romero, among others, still on the bench.

Go Ahead Eagles-PSV in 5 days

Go Ahead cheers, Madueke mourns: Go Ahead equalized via Córdoba against PSV.

It is the first goal in an away game that PSV has collected in this Eredivisie season.

Go Ahead Eagles-PSV in 5 days

64 'Schmidt intervenes in the currently errant PSV: Carlos Vinícius joins the team for Ritsu Doan.

That means Gakpo is moving back to his familiar spot on the left.

Go Ahead Eagles-PSV in 5 days

61 'Cold moment in Deventer, where the home team is briefly on the field with twelve men.

Córdoba didn't realize for a moment that the sign with his number was being held up.

Fortunately, referee Nijhuis quickly figured it out.

Go Ahead Eagles-PSV in 5 days

60 'Kees van Wonderen changes his entire vanguard.

Goal scorer Córdoba, Cardona and Oratmangoen leave the field.

Lidberg, Berden and Heil join the team.

Go Ahead Eagles-PSV in 5 days

57 'And there it was almost immediately 2-1 for Go Ahead!

Obispo lets himself be snatched and that creates an imposed chance for Botos, but he shoots the ball straight into Drommel's hands.

Go Ahead Eagles-PSV in 5 days

55' GOAL Go Ahead Eagles! 


What a great goal by Inigo Córdoba!

The left winger is sent away and almost rams the ball into the back line through the bottom of the crossbar.

Go Ahead level!

NEC-FC Utrecht · in 5 days

51' Mike van der Hoorn!

The defender is forward and almost doubles FC Utrecht's lead.

Go Ahead Eagles-PSV in 5 days

51 'The first opportunity after the break is for Gakpo, but his attempt is blocked.

PSV is trying to seize control and control, but it is still difficult.

Feyenoord-sc Heerenveen · in 5 days


Feyenoord starts at 9 p.m. with Bryan Linssen in the point of the attack against sc Heerenveen.

With the Frisians, Siem de Jong is lined up as a winger.


up Feyenoord:


Pedersen, Trauner, Senesi, Malacia;

Toornstra, Til, Kökcu;

Jahanbakhsh, Linssen, Sinisterra.

Heerenveen line-up:


Van Ewijk, Van Beek, Dresevic, Woudenberg;

Madsen, Halilovic, J. Veerman;

Musaba, H. Veerman, De Jong.

Go Ahead Eagles-PSV in 5 days

46 'The second half started in Deventer and Schmidt made two more changes.

Zahavi and Max have to leave the field and Obispo and Teze join the team.

That means that Mwene now plays left back, Ramalho and Obispo form the center and Teze is right back.

Boscagli has moved to midfield.

Cody Gakpo is now the striker, with Madueke from the right and Doan from the left.

Are you still following it?

NEC-FC Utrecht · in 5 days


Thanks to a great powder from Bart Ramselaar, FC Utrecht is halfway ahead in Nijmegen.

Go Ahead Eagles-PSV in 5 days


PSV leads in De Adelaarshorst, but is having a very difficult time with Go Ahead Eagles.

Kees van Wonderen's team has already had plenty of chances to score, but has not yet pulled the trigger.

PSV also had opportunities, but it remained with Cody Gakpo's goal in the first half.

NEC-FC Utrecht · in 5 days

44 'NEC takes the initiative in-house in the last minutes of the first half and is slowly but surely getting closer to the equalizer.

This time Barreto's shot goes just wide.

Go Ahead Eagles-PSV in 5 days

43' Nice save from Warner Hahn!

The goalkeeper of Go Ahead saves on the bet of Gakpo, who was once again sent off by a fine ball from Zahavi.

Go Ahead Eagles-PSV in 5 days

41 'The end of the first half is again in the hands of PSV, which is looking to double the lead before halftime.

Van Ginkel is close, but the captain heads the ball too hard to the ground, causing it to bounce over the goal again.

FC Groningen-Vitesse · in 5 days


At 8 p.m., sub-toppers FC Groningen and Vitesse kick off in the Euroborg.

These are the lineups of both teams:

FC Groningen




El Hankouri, Te Wierik, Kasanwirjo, Dammers, Van Hintum;

Suslov, Van Kaam;

Irandust, Strand Larsen, Ngonge.

Vitesse line-up:


Dasa, Rasmussen, Bazoer, Hajek, Wittek;

Tronstad, Gboho, Bero;

Openda, Frederiksen.

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