The Japan Basketball Association has announced that Tom Hovasse, who led the women's Japan national team to the silver medal at the Tokyo Olympics, will be appointed as the new head coach for the men's Japan national team.

On the 21st, Japan Basketball announced the retirement of Julio Lamas, who had been the head coach of the Japan Men's National Team, due to the expiration of the contract, and the appointment of Tom Hovasse as the head coach.

Hovasse is 54 years old from the United States.

After graduating from an American university, I played in the NBA = American professional basketball and Japanese business teams.

After retiring from active duty, he became the leader of the domestic W League team and coached the women's Japan national team at the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics.

After assuming the position of head coach of the women's national team in 2017, he established a style in which all teams centered on three-point shooting work together to attack, and won the silver medal, which is the first medal in Japanese basketball at the Tokyo Olympics. Did.

Toru Ontsuka, who has served as the representative's assistant coach, will be appointed as the head coach of the women's representative from Japan to replace Mr. Hovasse.

Mr. Hovasse and Mr. Ontsuka will hold a press conference on the 22nd.