Kotonowaka, the flat curtain of sumo wrestling, will be closed from the 21st, the 10th day of the autumn season, due to an injury to his left knee.

Kotonowaka greeted with the third frontal piece of his own highest place, and on the 9th day of the 20th, after a sumo wrestling with Takarafuji, he lost with a poor throw and so far with a record of 3 wins and 6 losses. bottom.

According to the Japan Sumo Association, Kotonowaka was diagnosed with a left knee ligament and meniscus tear for 10 days after being examined at a hospital in Chiba prefecture on the 21st, and will be closed from the 21st of the 10th day. It was decided.

Kotonowaka has been closed for the second time since he hurt his left knee in July last year.

On the 21st, Takayasu Akira, who was scheduled to play, will be a bye.

Master Sadogatake said, "I hurt my old injured left knee in yesterday's efforts. It seems that there was a noise when I left it."