• Because of the derby incidents, Lens faces Strasbourg this Wednesday in a closed stadium.

  • A decision which greatly saddens players and Artesian staff.

Unbeaten since the start of the season, winner of the Northern derby and thrilling third in Ligue 1, RC Lens should normally have been delighted to receive Strasbourg this Wednesday (9 p.m.) at Bollaert.

Except that the Lensoise enclosure will be empty of support for the occasion.

The fault of the incidents which occurred Saturday at half-time of the derby and which led the disciplinary commission of the LFP to order two matches behind closed doors to Bollaert.

What saddens Franck Haise, the Lensois coach.

“It's a big disappointment not to count on our audience.

You would certainly expect it, but it's tough.

We will do without them, we will try to be up to the task, ”hopes the technician, who regrets what happened at half-time in the derby between siege throws, invasion of the field and injuries.

“When people come to see a family game, they don't come to take seats in the face.

It's a spectacle and these are things that shouldn't happen.

The field must be sacred, it is a place for the actors.


Clauss will not be able to see his mom at the stadium

For his part, Jonathan Clauss has a lot on the potato. For this match against Strasbourg, the club where he did all his training, his mother had to come and see him at the stadium for the first time in Ligue 1. Except that behind closed doors, it will not be possible. “It's a shame because my mother could have seen me for the first time in Ligue 1. It would have been a nice wink. I had only been expecting this since she told me on Sunday that she was coming. It bothers me a little, ”laments the defender Lensois visibly very moved.

Beyond these aborted family reunions, the player knows how much the absence of the public will be a real lack for the team.

“It's sad because we realize that with this audience everything changes.

It's amazing the strength that can give us when we think we can not do more.

With just a rumble behind us, it grows and it's amazing.

Not having it anymore is something we will miss, ”Clauss concludes.

A feeling shared by all Lensois players and supporters who will not be able to communicate at best before October 24 and the reception of Metz.

Blame it on the stupidity of a minority.


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